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Out of all the fight scenes in Brandon's books, which one do you feel is the most epic?

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message 1: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Rader | 44 comments I have just finished listening to the Hero of Ages again. I was mesmerized by the fight scenes near the end of the book. I was curious to know which fight scene from all of Brandon's books was the most amazing to you!

Roland of Gilead | 17 comments Ah what a wonderful choice of discussion. Totally down but I'll have to think on this one a bit.

message 3: by Andrew (new)

Andrew | 16 comments I think the fight between Kaladin and Sazth from Words of Radiance tops my list. Just the way that Syl changed and they flew through the sky was just awesome.

message 4: by Slick (new)

Slick | 75 comments Kaladin going all Spartacus in the Arena... Get shivers every time :D

Roland of Gilead | 17 comments I think that I have two favorite fight scenes. The first was when Kelsier fought and defeated the Steel Inquisitor in the town square near the end of Final Empire. The second was likely, yeah, the gladitorial fight scene with Adolin and Kaladin in Words of Radiance, which was totally epic.

"Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do."

message 6: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments Fight between Szeth and Kaladin of course
Also Kaladin and Adolin in the arena
and Kaladin coming to the rescue at the Tower...

I really like Kaladin.

From mistborn though, I'd have to say that fight scene between vin and the inquisitors at the end is amazing. Kelsier and the Steel Inquisitor was good too (especially if we consider Vin's raid on the Lord Rulers palace too).

message 7: by Jonathan (new)

Jonathan Rader | 44 comments The Kaladin fights are amazing and they are moving. When he jumps of the bridge in the Way of Kings when they are going to rescue Dalinar and his men is a scene that has always been powerful to me. He is out of stormlight and can barely stand, yet he is still willing to defend his soldiers.

I also loved the epicness of Vin fighting the inquisitors at the end of Hero of Ages. Listening to it on the audiobook is awesome.

To me these battle scenes are not just about the awesomeness of the fighting, they are emotionally packed scenes in that resonate with me.

message 8: by TS (new)

TS Chan (tschan) | 25 comments Michael *Windrunner* wrote: "Fight between Szeth and Kaladin of course
Also Kaladin and Adolin in the arena
and Kaladin coming to the rescue at the Tower..."

Agreed - every major Kaladin fight scene is epic!

Also agreed on Vin vs the Steel Inquisitors in The Hero of Ages.

I'll add one more which I gave me goosebumps when I read it - Vasher unsheathing Nightblood towards the end of Warbreaker

message 9: by Nikhil (new)

Nikhil More | 11 comments Vin vs 13 inquisitors, gave me DBZ flashbacks... and bunch of goosebumps

message 10: by another halima (new)

another halima (anotherhalima) | 3 comments Kel vs inquisitor really had on edge and vin vs inquisitors was pretty epic! Kal vs szeth was pretty good too..omg to many good fight! its pretty hard to choose when comes to the cosmere.....

message 11: by Melissa (new)

Melissa | 7 comments One of my favorite things about Sanderson's writing is the way he writes fighting scenes. I feel that I can easily picture what is happening and they are so detailed!
Two of the scenes that stick out to me for their detail, not necessarily epic-ness, are the scenes where Kelsier fights a ton of hazekillers and when Elend fights against a crap ton of Koloss. I remember finishing those scenes

message 12: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments I think several of you have heard me rant elsewhere about how fights need to mean something. I think Sanderson does this well. The action scenes always have some point to drive the characters, plot or magic forward. I appreciate that.

message 13: by Ella Emilia (new)

Ella Emilia (ellahlin) | 1 comments How could one possibly just pick on fight scene from Sanderson's books?? I agree with ALL fights listed above. It's amazing how you actually end up shivering when reading his fight/battle scenes he has written. But I must admit that Kaladin vs. Szeth was the one that gave me the most goose-bumps. Though, the whole climax battle scenes in Elantris didn't give me the 'epic' feeling (until like, the end) but actual horror, because of the very clear implication of genocide. Therefor it has left a long lasted impression on me, much more than other battle scenes.

message 14: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments Good point Ella Emilia - and I don't think anyone has mentioned Elantris yet. A worthy submission to be sure.

message 15: by Richelle (new)

Richelle  | 5 comments I can't pick just one scene, there are so many good ones in all of his stories. I will say I'm obsessed with Kaladin, Kelsier, and Wax.

message 16: by Aisha (last edited Dec 22, 2016 07:23PM) (new)

Aisha (nlh2read) | 1 comments Michael *Windrunner* wrote: "Fight between Szeth and Kaladin of course
Also Kaladin and Adolin in the arena
and Kaladin coming to the rescue at the Tower...

I really like Kaladin.

Same, honestly, same.

message 17: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeldixon) | 118 comments *Highfives Aisha*

message 18: by StayHome (new)

StayHome AndDoNothing (stay_home_and_do_nothing) | 1 comments Oh man, when Vin fights Marsh is probably my favorite. Especially since the Mistborn series is where I first got into Brandon Sanderson's work. The thought of Vin fighting like a storm against a group of Steel Inquisitors is such an adrenaline fueled scene!

A close second would be when Sadeas betrays Dalinar and Adolin and leaves them for dead against a whole horde of Parshendi. The whole scene playing out and showing just how desperate they are to survive. Such a brutal but awesome scene.

Diana Stormblessed (dashichka) | 29 comments Kaladin rescuing Dalinar from the Parshendi
Dalinar rescuing Elhokar from the chasmfiend
Vin fighting the inquisitors among the rooftops

Really I love all of Sanderson's fight scenes. I thought he had a lot of great action scenes in the Reckoner books, too

message 20: by Yogesh (new)

Yogesh Jain | 1 comments I liked the fight with Steelheart in the reckoner the most and second is the final stand of mistborn book 4.

message 21: by Paul (new)

Paul Ringkamp (excelsius) | 2 comments All awesome fights have been mentioned, i can only agree, Kaladin, Vin, Wax all have their epicness shown in theirs scenes.
But i want to add two (i am not even sure if the first can be definde a fight)
When Vin first uses Duraluminium and just shoves an entire cavaleri charge away, i dont know i think it just shows what is to come.
And the fight of Sazed during the Coloss Siege...i dont know just imagening this scholar showing his ferrochemical potential to protect his friends and act against the rules of his order once more...

message 22: by Becky (new)

Becky Marie | 1 comments I am torn between the fight scene in WOR between Kal and Szeth at the end of the book and the last scene in HoA between Vin and Ruin!

message 23: by Romanian (new)

Romanian Dan  | 1 comments Some of the best fights were between Vin and Zane. The training included.

message 24: by Vlad (new)

Vlad (vlad789) | 10 comments In my totally subjective opinion I'd have to give it to 2 Fights tied in My Top Spot - (Both take place in the book: "SA 2: Words of Radiance") 1.) Kaladin & Adolin vs. 4 Shardplate/Shardblade-Bearers in the Arena 2.) Kaladin vs. Szeth @ the end of "Words of Radiance". 1 Fight that gets an Honorable mention is the 1 at the VERY BEGINNING of "The Way of Kings" when Gavilar & 1 of his Honor Guard Swap Shardplate to Confuse Szeth during the Assasination of Gavilar taking place Years before the Story Begins in "The Way of Kings".

I feel as though it's Vastly Overlooked and Underrated because it's Not an "Official Fight" but an Assasination, but the Cleverness Sanderson brought to it makes it so Meaningful and Exciting for me. Also, this fight got me IMMEDIATELY HOOKED to the Stormlight Archive Series from the Start.

message 25: by Vlad (new)

Vlad (vlad789) | 10 comments Diana Stormblessed wrote: "Kaladin rescuing Dalinar from the Parshendi
Dalinar rescuing Elhokar from the chasmfiend
Vin fighting the inquisitors among the rooftops

Really I love all of Sanderson's fight scenes. I thought he..."

"Dalinar Rescuing Elhokar from the chasmfiend" is a GREAT Pick". It's often overlooked, but shows the Original Character of Dalinar as the "Blackthorn" and is SO Epic

message 26: by Георги (new)

Георги Пеев | 3 comments I am hesitating between Hero of Ages and The Final Empire and Words of Radiance. I would say emotionally I was affected most in the battle between Kelsier /I am not sure if it is correctly written this way, because I read it in Bulgarian/ and the inquisitor, Vin and the 13 inquisitors or the battle with Adolin and Kaladin against the 4 full Swordsmen / again, pls forgive me, I don`t know how it is in original :( /. The one with biggest sizes, is the one with Vin. But the others were very epic for me too.

message 27: by Elvin Tee (new)

Elvin Tee Zhong Yue (edgedancer) | 5 comments I actually think its the part in Way of Kings when Kaladin spoke the third ideal of the windrunners after jumping a chasm into the battlefield against parshendi

message 28: by Caleb (new)

Caleb (kingsleyshacklebolt77) | 104 comments I actually think that it may be when Kaladin nearly speaks the fourth ideal and Dali at is struggling against Odium in Theylena.

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