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message 1: by Frank (new)

Frank Tagader (tagader) | 2 comments I will need to re-read this, but years ago I enjoyed this read. I think having a novel written by the actor who portrayed the role was both "novel" and insightful into the character. (It may be that it was actually ghostwritten by someone else, but I believe it does reflect the viewpoint of the author/actor.) I will go downstairs at my house and dig this one up and reread it. Thanks.

message 2: by Andrea (new)

Andrea (aurumcalendula) | 5 comments I love the epistolary frame of Garak writing to Bashir - it doesn’t feel gimmicky to me (perhaps part of why I like this so much is because I missed seeing the two of them interact as much in seasons five through seven?).

I really like the oblique referenced to ‘In the Pale Moonlight’. (I forgot how early the gardening metaphors/ motifs start in this.) I think I kind of agree with his perspective.

The idea of Cardassians having non-linear memories is really interesting (I can’t remember if this was something mentioned on DS9 or not). Although re: how this ties in with the organization of the novel, it’s been so long that I can’t remember if the structure reflects this.

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