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message 1: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Rombough (cadmonkey) | 102 comments Title: A Mayor's Life: John Scott, First Mayor of Bytown (1824-1857) (Bytown Pamphlet No. 99)
Author name: Tyler Owens
ISBN: 978-0-920960-42-4
Publisher: The Historical Society of Ottawa
Publication date: August 2016
Format: Paperback
Description: In Canada, the Fathers of Confederation are celebrated; their American counterparts, the Founding Fathers, are part of a national mythos. While individuals who begin great traditions or found mighty institutions often receive such praise, others fail to achieve the fame which should be theirs. John Scott, the first Mayor of Bytown (1824-1857), is one such individual. Despite his role in the formative years of the city which would become Canada's capital, there are today no statues in his honour; no streets bear his name. This is a deficit which should be remidied, and one way to do so is to tell the story of his life. He was the first mayor among many, but his life before and after the mayoralty is every bit as important as his life during it. In his role as a public figure, Scott was hardly perfect; he could be accused of corruption by the standards of today, but such behaviour was not unusual among the leading men of his time. On the other hand, he was a strong mayor at a time when one was needed, and undoubtedly shaped the city which he came to call his home. Scott was a prominent lawer, the first mayor of his city, and a provincial MPP of Bytown as well; he played an important role in every aspect of Bytown's early years.
Page count: 30 pages
Link to cover (scan of my copy):

message 3: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Rombough (cadmonkey) | 102 comments Dobby0390 wrote: "Added: A Mayor's Life: John Scott, First Mayor of Bytown"


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