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message 1: by Anike (new)

Anike Kirsten (anike_kirsten) | 12 comments Please add my new title:

- Title: EquiLibria
- Subtitle: 3rd Part
- Author: Anike Kirsten

- ISBN: 9781370956838
- Publisher: Smashwords
- Publication date: 9 October 2016
- Format: eBook
- Description:

Cara has been dragged deep into the conflict, this time being forced to choose a side. As she loses her morals to the actions of Men, she finds herself committing astrocities she never before imagined doing. How far will this take her and will she finally find the truth she wants?
- Link to cover:


message 2: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 4918 comments Added:

•  Kindle edition, ASIN B01MF4DG7P, cover from Amazon: EquiLibria: 3rd Part

•  ebook, ISBN 9781370956838, cover from Smashwords: EquiLibria: 3rd Part

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