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message 1: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
Book Two, Chapter Six Discussion thread. Please use spoiler tags.

Eugenio | 108 comments Book 2 Chapter 6
Quick chapter and not at all weak for it. Main body of chapter surrounds the battle outside of Li Heng
>Toc the Elder betrayed by the White Jackal shaman, and left to die; his death spurred the Wildman to take part in the battle but in the end the Talian League forces surrendered
>Ground Crew took some losses; Temp supposedly taken out by Moranth munitions but still alive and kicking; he reunites with Wildman (I want that history!!) and they; with the sappers lead by Nait/Jumpy; ambush Ryllandaras
>Ghelel once again free from Talian politics and story once again feels fresh!

Looking forward to Book 3

Carl | 36 comments Eugenio have you read Night of Knives? I think you may have the history regarding Temp in that one. That's if I'm guessing the identity of the Wildman correctly.

Eugenio | 108 comments Further on in later chapters they do discuss who wildman might be. Didn't make that connection until they flat out stated it. Forgot that Temp was a central character from NoK, and interesting that he became Master Sergeant when last we saw him he was content as a guard.

message 5: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
So do you go it Wldman who walked up to Toc while he was lying there?

Eugenio | 108 comments I thought it had to be Wildman that walked up to Toc as he was lying there. Forcing him to take part in the Battle on the Plains

message 7: by Lee, High Priest of Shadow (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lee (kiwifirst) | 1508 comments Mod
I assumed as much. Did Wildman say something about the betrayal when he arrived on the scene?

botF spoiler
(view spoiler)

Eugenio | 108 comments Yes Wildman did say that this was done in answer to the betrayal.

(view spoiler)

Scott  Hitchcock (lostinthewarrenofchaos) | 163 comments Lee wrote: "
botF spoiler
[spoilers removed]"

Regarding your spoiler, totally. I kept thing wow what did the Toc's ever do to SE and ICE.

Scott  Hitchcock (lostinthewarrenofchaos) | 163 comments I thought ICE did a good job of describing the battle carnage and making us feel for the combatants. I also though Laseen came off really well in terms of being pedantic in her motives and using their men against Urko and the others. Having the heavies ready know their answer. A lot of back stabbing from every direction.

Eugenio | 108 comments His battle writing was great, showing the grunts working through such mayhem. The aftermath also.... great stuff

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