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message 1: by Anike (new)

Anike Kirsten (anike_kirsten) | 12 comments Hi, there

I have updated the covers for two of my shorts and would like them added as ACEs, the subtitles have changed as well.

eBook: EquiLibria
Subtitle: 1st Part

eBook: EquiLibria
Subtitle: 2nd Part

Thanks in advance!

message 2: by Dobby (new)

Dobby (dobby0390) | 3671 comments It helps a lot when you include the Goodreads links, so please do that with future requests. :-)

We cannot use the Amazon kindle covers for the ebook editions. I got the ebook covers from Smashwords.

Here are your retitled alternate-cover editions for the ebooks:

»  ISBN 9781370653928 — EquiLibria: 1st Part
»  ISBN 9781370680184 — EquiLibria: 2nd Part

Since the Kindle editions were not yet on Goodreads, I added those:

»  ASIN B01JWH1X2A — EquiLibria: 1st Part
»  ASIN B01M6UC399 — EquiLibria: 2nd Part

As the author, you can set the default edition — that is, the one that comes up in searches by title and shows on your author profile. Here's how to do that.

message 3: by Anike (new)

Anike Kirsten (anike_kirsten) | 12 comments I'll remember that, thanks!

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