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A large garden out back of the home.

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Carson | 101 comments James walked around the garden and sighed softly. He stretched out both of his wings and was finally able to put them away. He chuckled and took off his ripped up jacket." This bloody thing will take a week to repair." He shook his head annoyed. He made his clothes and Tanner's special so the wings they both were gifted didn't destroy every piece of clothing they put on.

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Kaiya hid behind a tree, watching James. She had shown him all around the home, but now she was just curious about him in general. It was a good thing, because years ago when Kaiya first came to the home she stayed on her bed and only left for meals, but now she had developed a sense of wonder and curiosity.

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Carson | 101 comments James was paranoid about Ida completely hating him after reading the letter he wrote. He took off his button up shirt and hung both of them in a tree." Little spider dears.. I'm in a bit of a fix and you ladies have the strongest webs. Would you be so kind in helping me..?"James asked out randomly.

He heard a slight giggle from the compliment and a few spiders started to drift down to help fix his clothes with the strongest thread like web they have ever made.

"Excellent thank you my dears." James smiled widely as he watched them help fix his clothes. He waited anxiously to see if Ida would come out and talk with him.

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Ida came out to the garden, stopping near where Kaiya was hiding, her wards couldn't trick her and spy on her, as she always seemed to know where they were. "Kaiya go inside, no spying on James" She chastised, watching the little girl go skittering off. "James..." She began, but the rest of her words died at her lips, she wanted to tell him that she loved him as well.

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Carson | 101 comments James looked over at Ida slowly." Yes ma'am?" He turned and smiled over at her. He was still shirtless waiting for his shirts to finish. He turned his back towards her. The multiple scars he had showing all over his skin. He knew it was strange for anybody to see the blackness under his skin by his shoulders where his wings were put away.

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Ida looked at the scars with a sadness, it pained her to see that he had been hurt. She stood silently for a few minutes, trying to find the words. "I...I'm sorry that it has taken this long...I...I love you James, in a way that I have never felt for anyone else" She said, keeping her eyes trained on a small piece of grass.

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Carson | 101 comments James took a deep breath and walked over towards Ida. He carefully pulled her close to him and looked into her eyes." And I should have done this a long time ago.." he muttered softly before kissing her lips .

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Ida smiled a bit, before resting her hands on his shoulders and kissing him back.

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Carson | 101 comments James pulled his head away gently." I'm sorry I left.. I got tired of hiding my feelings and then being told that you have a destiny that doesn't involve love.. it hurt." He moved away from her to put his newly repaired clothes back on. James looked down at his feet shaking his head.

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Ida walked over and made him look her in the eyes "I'm not going to lie, it did hurt when you left, but I understand, and I forgave you a long time ago...and I don't care when my destiny says, I make my own destiny and love is a part of that. I want you to be a part of my destiny" She said.

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Carson | 101 comments "Ida you don't know what you are saying." James looked into her eyes touching her face gently." I'm a broken man.. I'm not the same kid you knew in the old loop. I've been beaten and starved in the outside world. I have nightmares every night."James bit his lip softly and closed his eyes. He felt like he'd be a burden to her

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"I still want you in my life...I'm not the same naive little girl I used to be. We both are broken James, but maybe together we can pick up the pieces and be whole again" Ida said, a sadness filling her eyes. She understood nightmares and brokenness all to well, nearly every night she still heard the screams of the children from her first loop, the ones she wasn't able to protect.

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Carson | 101 comments " Ida I love you.."James rested his head against hers gently wrapping his arms around her body." I need you to tell me what to do.. what you want." He whispered softly against her cheek.

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"I want you James" Ida answered, looking him in the eyes.

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Carson | 101 comments James closed his eyes tightly thinking." Ida.. if we are going to stay together we need to protect your loop." He told her softly before pulling her behind a tree.

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Ida nodded "I've already been thinking of ways to protect the loop" She told him, after they were behind the tree.

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Carson | 101 comments "How can I help..?" James asked her gently. He chuckled slightly and looked into her eyes. " You don't need to worry about me being slightly injured still.. I will be fine." He told her gently.

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"I would love your help, but I don't care what you say, you aren't helping until that wing is healed" Ida responded.

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Carson | 101 comments "Ahh stubborn woman.."James pinned her back against the tree gently.He looked deep into her eyes and smiled." What must I do to show you I'm fine.." he kissed her lips again.

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Ida kissed him back with a smirk, running a hand through his hair. "Show me a healed wing" She commented, pulling away from the kiss for a moment, before returning to the kiss.

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Carson | 101 comments James pulled on her bottom lip gently." Stubborn woman.." he muttered softly letting both of his wings come out. He smiled and stretched both of them out letting her see his wing that wasn't hurting him.

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"Alright I suppose you can help, but if you get hurt in anyway you have to stop" She agreed, showing just how stubborn she could be.

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Carson | 101 comments James put his wings away before shaking his head." I guess I better head over to the boys dorm." He chuckled softly." It's either that or I grab a couple of blankets and a pillow and head down to the basement. Those beds aren't made for adult men."he poked her cheek gently pulling away from her arms." Goodnight dear Miss.Lory." He bowed his head gently." And I thank you for taking us in."

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"Quit calling me Miss Lory James, it's one thing for the kids to call me that, but hearing it from you makes me sound old. And you can sleep in my room, I don't use my bed all that often so it's open" She told him. She usually spend nights in her office, trying to find a way to save her fellow ymbrynes and other peculiars.

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Carson | 101 comments "See I can't do that Dear."James looked over at her and smiled. He whistled softly and a little bird dropped down putting a beautiful rose in her hair." It is my turn to be stubborn," He winked at her and found a place to lay down outside.

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Ida lightly touched the rose, before she sat down next to him "If you are sleeping outside then I am to" She stated.

Amy poked her head out from a hole up in one of the trees, looking towards Ida and James, giggling very quietly.

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Carson | 101 comments ((I'm really enjoying having James be a tease haha))

"My dear that would involve sleeping near me."James covered his eyes with his arm." I thought you said if I sleep in your room you'd most likely be in your office.. I was assuming you are afraid to be around me at night." He couldn't help but tease her. He missed how they used to bicker with each other under the stars.

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Id lightly pushed him "I'm not afraid to be near you at night, I just don't sleep. Now I suggest you get inside that house, before I find a away to make you go in" Ida responded.

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Carson | 101 comments "My dear.. I know you are worried but I will be in to join you.. I'm just listening to the birds." James sat up kissing her forehead.." and the birds are telling me we have a little spy." He whispered softly in her ear chuckling.

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"If I were a betting woman, I would say it is Amy." Ida replied quietly, before turning to the trees. "Amy come on out!" She called.

Amy poked her head out just enough for them to see her, giggling a bit.

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Carson | 101 comments James chuckled softly." Never alone I see" he smiled and stood up easily helping Ida up. He slid his hands through his hair slowly. He smiled and looked down slowly.

((So Amy is she able to learn to fly or is it not possible??))

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((She never learned, but it is possible))

Ida chuckled "You'll get used to it" She replied.

Amy ducked back into the tree, climbing down to stand in front of Ida and James, revealing that she had decent sized fairy wings.

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Carson | 101 comments ((My next question if we do get into sex scenes can we skip past them completely:p))

" Hello there." James walked over to her slowly."Can you fly?" He asked her softly kneeling down. He touched her wings lightly with his fingers. He smiled her wings were strong and able

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((Skip it or take it to pm))

Amy shook her head, she had never learned to fly. She made a few flowers sprout around them, in her way of saying she liked the ground better.

"Amy doesn't talk, and she had very limited sight" Ida whispered on James's ear.

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Carson | 101 comments ((We could take it to pm))

James carefully spread out his wings and took Amy's hand setting it on his wings. He loved kids it's why he became Miss. Cole's assistant with teaching them. He was sad that he never had his own kids. He chuckled softly

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Amy touched his wings, before stepping back and smiling. She turned to Miss Lory and pointed. "Wings!" She mouthed excitedly. She had never seen anyone else with wings.

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Carson | 101 comments James smiled widely he stood up and stumbled slightly. He looked over at Ida and cleared his throat pretending like he didn't stumble st all. He rubbed the back of his neck and walked over to another tree

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Ida gave him a knowing look, before turning back to Amy "Why don't you go find sone pretty flowers to decorate the home with?" She suggested to the little girl. She had a rather soft spot for Amy, as she was one of the youngest both physically and literally.

Amy nodded and took off onto the forest, her feet seeming to know where to land to avoid falling.

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Carson | 101 comments James sat down slowly and shook his head. "I can promise you I'm fine." He told her softly avoiding her eyes. He was embarrassed of his body

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"You had better be James, I need you more than ever now." Ida responded, kneeling in front of him. She lightly touched his wing "They are truly magnificent" She said.

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Carson | 101 comments "That's the only magnificent thing about me.."James chuckled and looked into her eyes. He reached his hand into his pant leg and he clicked something he looked away as his makeshift prosthetic leg fell to the ground. He looked away from her slowly. He showed her because if she even wanted to continue and finally be together he didn't want her to be shocked. James rubbed his knee carefully.

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Ida looked at the prosthetic leg, while she was fairly shocked it didn't change how she felt for him. "I still love you James, nothing will change that, not even this" She promised. "And there are many more magnificent things about you" She added.

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