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((Pic to come))

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Carson | 101 comments James gasped and carried Tanner into the loop. He felt weak and was covered in his blood and the blood of the three wights he killed. He led them on a wild goose chase before he killed them. He set Tanner down befor collapsing. One of his wings was broken and his face was clawed up he was almost unrecognizable.

"J...Jamie.."Tanner whined looking at his mentor. He looked around completely dazed and confused not knowing where he was or where to find help.

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Kaiya watched the two enter the loop, just as she faintly heard the bell. She looked a bit conficted, before deciding to rush over to Tanner and James.

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Carson | 101 comments James looked over seeing a girl run over towards them. He closed his eyes trying to resist the urge to fall asleep forever. His body shook slightly before he passed out from blood loss.

Tanner looked over at Kaiya he was terrified and felt like his only parental figure was going to die. He shook James shoulder gently." Wake up..." he cried out softy

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Kaiya gave Tanner a small smile, hoping to relieve the terrified look in his eyes. She looked down at James, wishing Adelaide were here to help, or Miss Lory. "Um...I'll come back, I know someone who will help" Kaiya told Tanner.

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Carson | 101 comments Tanner nodded." T...Thank you." He sat next to James and put his mentors head on his lap carefully. He shivered lightly and let his wings come out to cover his little body

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Kaiya nodded to him, before she ran off. She was able to move pretty quickly when she had to. A few minutes later, she returned with a much older girl. She pointed towards James, silently telling her to help him.

Adelaide crouched down next to James, putting her hands over the worst of the injuries. She winced slightly as they appeared on her body, and disappeared from his, and eventually hers as well. She sat back after, exhausted. It had been a long time since she had to heal multiple injuries in one day.

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Carson | 101 comments Tanner waited for James to wake up and was disappointed when he didn't. He touched his friends face gently and looked at the girls confused." Help..."

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"He'll wake soon, it takes the body some time to heal. Why don't we get you both back to the home, and Miss Lory can look your friend over?" Adelaide suggested, staying close to Tanner's height.

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Carson | 101 comments Tanner nodded slowly." Okay..." He stood up and looked at the girls before he took both of their hands. He wrinkled his face up slightly. He was tired of running

AJ stepped out of the Forrest carefully eyeing the limp body on the ground."What's going on." He asked gently laying his hand gently on Adelaide's shoulders.

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"I'm not fully sure myself, Kaiya came and got me. It seems they were attacked, I want to get both of them back to Miss Lory" Adelaide answered, standing up. She smiled at Tanner when he took her hand. "I need you to take my friend's hand, so I can carry you friend back, can you do that?" Adelaide asked Tanner. She didn't want AJ to injure himself again, after she had already healed him once.

Kaiya watched nervously, she wanted both of them new males to be okay.

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Carson | 101 comments "I can carry him by myself. I've already moved two giant trees that fell in the woods." AJ chuckled and picked up James limp body." Where should we set him when we get back?" AJ asked slowly knowing the warning bell went off for some reason.

Tanner slowly put his wings away." The skunk that lives there says thank you.. one of those blasted trees was almost squishing her new nest." He responded softly revealing his other talent to the group.

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Adelaide playfully rolled her eyes when AJ picked James up. "Boys dorm for now I suppose. It will give him a place to rest, along with this little guy. Miss Lory can came check him over after she tells us why the warning bell went off" Adelaide answered, before smiling at Tanner when he revealed his gift.

"I could stay with them Addy, I promise to be quiet and not disturb him" Kaiya said, not really wanting to go to the meeting. It always made her nervous, as she wasn't good with crowds.

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Carson | 101 comments "Lets head out.."AJ nodded and walked back to the building quickly.

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