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message 1: by Larry (new)

Larry Moniz (larrymoniz) | 3 comments Kindle Direct Publishing has been hacked and the Ebook version of my book: Longhouse Homicide, ISBN 978-0979700736, is now being offered free for download in various formats. The Kindle Direct Publishing Version through Amazon operations is the only possible source for this piracy by an operation calling itself Check Out My Ink.

To operators of that site I wrote:

“Please be advised you are enabling infringement on my copyright for the book: Longhouse Homicide, ISBN 978-0979700736, by offering it for download. Unless you take steps to remedy this situation by 5 p.m. today, Oct. 7,2016, you will be subject to a legal action for copyright infringement and book piracy. I also MUST receive written confirmation from you by the specified time and date in order to withhold civil and criminal legal actions against your operation.”

Here are the links to the site and to the form in which I requested my unauthorized listing be immediately removed:

Adding insult to injury; apparently Amazon Kindle distributed the EBook version free of charge to one of its members based on the lack of any sales being shown in my monthly report. As a result, I’ve UNPUBLISHED all of my fiction works from Amazon Kindle pending satisfactory resolution of this most serious piracy problem. Readers here may also wish to do the same.

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message 2: by Christina (new)

Christina McMullen (cmcmullen) | 1213 comments Mod
Amazon has not been hacked. Piracy is a typical issue for everyone, but nine times out of ten, the sites claiming to have your book do not. They are phishing scams. If you feel that a website actually does have your book, you can send them a takedown notice or you can get a lawyer to help handle it, but Amazon will not do anything as they do not own the rights to your work. You do.

message 3: by Richard (new)

Richard Penn (richardpenn) | 758 comments Yes, if you click through, there's no book there. It leads to an advert for a hosting service in the Netherlands. They've violated your copyright by posting your cover without permission, but there's no need to hack anything to do that, a person can scrape the image just by right-clicking on it anywhere it appears. The 'ink' site may be an innocent bystander in this, they've just provided a chat service and not policed the content, like a million others.

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