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ARCHIVES > ROMANCE: Ever drooled over a paraplegic hero? I bet you will... (for 99cents haha)

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message 1: by Annie (last edited Oct 28, 2016 12:46PM) (new) - added it

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) Hart Broken is on sale for $0.99!!

description (not necessary)

Available for grabby-grabby (a.k.a. purchase) at AMAZON!

٩(๑•◡-๑)۶ ⒽⓤⒼⓢ ❤

message 2: by Annie (new) - added it

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) UPDATE ON HART BROKEN SALE:

When I switched the price back to $3.99...

Amazon kept my book on sale all by themselves *GASP* and made a liar outta me hahaha!!

No idea how long this will last. Shall keep an eye out today. But it's currently still $0.99. Thanks for the help, Zon God ^_~


Marie Silk | 42 comments It says 3.99 for me now (USA). The Zon God works in mysterious ways :).

message 4: by Annie (new) - added it

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) That lasted less than 24hrs...


Just kidding. Thanks, Zon God!!

*fist bump*

(thanks for the intel, Miss Marie ^_~)

message 5: by Annie (new) - added it

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) One more chance to get this little gremlin from AMAZON for...

Regular price: $4.99
Sale price: $0.99

description (not necessary)

(Annnd I had to share the teaser I made cuz...reasons)

message 6: by C.L. (new)

C.L. Lynch (cllynchauthor) | 10 comments Tell me that the paraplegic hero doesn't commit suicide/otherwise offend the disabled community with stereotypes they have fought to overcome and i'm in!

message 7: by Annie (new) - added it

Annie Arcane (anniearcane) Ahhh, you're speaking to my soul right now, Miss CL! No joke!!

No suicide cuz how could I kill off such a yummy hero??
No miraculous recovery cuz...umm...just wouldn't happen LOL

My promise to ya: Cale is a sexy paraplegic at the beginning and remains a sexy paraplegic at the end ^_~



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