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message 1: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Hey :) Did you want to be girl or guy?

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments I don't care. Normally I end up playing the guy, which gets annoying eventually, but I feel bad sticking you with it.

message 3: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Would you like to do doubles then? :) Then we can do the mxf, but dont have to be stuck with a gender

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments If we can think of a good idea (and I don't get confused, which happened the last time I did doubles, but that was probably a different problem)

message 5: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Well maybe we can put something to separate them :) For one i wanna do one where one of them is homesless and gets help from a random passing stranger. Do you yave any ideas? ^-^

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Interesting. I'm not sure. I...don't generally do situations like that so I can't think of something.

message 7: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Okay!! Well what are you used to? ^-^

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Normally I do fantasy, but I'm up to trying something different.

message 9: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments What kind of fantasy do you usually do? Im not exactly familiar with it

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Any kind of fantasy really, from super heroes to medieval, fairies and stuff. I'm cool with doing something else, I just wouldn't be good at coming up with the idea.

message 11: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments How do you do your medieval?

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments What do you mean?

message 13: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Peasant×peasant; royalty×peasant; royalty×royalty?

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Any is fine, each is interesting.

message 15: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Sorry, I had work. Royalty peasant? Which one woukd you like to be? :)

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Um, I'll be royal?

Btw it might be a while before I reply again. I have had no power since saturday and we still don't. I'm at my grqndparents rn

message 17: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments That's okay! :) Is everything alright?

Hoe detailed are you with your characters?

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments We got a hurricane and the after flooding took out our power station. I have it again now!

Not that detailed generally (mostly because i like to just get to rping) but i can do it as detailed as you want.

message 19: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Oh you're in Florida? I'm sorry, thats tough :/

I'm not very detailed with it either. I tend to add things to them as i go along. How old should they be?

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments No! I'm in Eastern North Carolina. We have a lot of flooding still.

Not very old bc it is medieval times and peeps didnt live that long.

message 21: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Oh yeah I heard about Carolina last night. The entire east coast is a wreck right now .-.

That's true. I was thinking maybe early twenties?

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments It's really bad. We were out of power since Saturday night, the roads are so flooded they've eroded away, the major flood level is 19 ft. We're at almost 27 rn.

That sounds good.

message 23: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Thats really not good. How come you guys didnt evacuate??

Name: Carter James
Age: 22
Looks: https://www.google.com/search?q=cute+...

message 24: by ☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (last edited Oct 11, 2016 03:21PM) (new)

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Because we were actually mostly unaffected. We aren't flooding, but they are just up the road. Of course, we lost electricity, but that was it.

I'll do mine in a little while, when I have my laptop out :)

Name: Narissa Myriad
Age: 21
Appearance: https://thumb9.shutterstock.com/displ...

message 25: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Oh okay! Thats good haha. At least you guys arent in the flood :)

Sounds good!

Carter sat in the bakery, looking around the shop. Hed done everything from sweeping to making more bread. Itd been a very slow day and it seemed to drag on the more he sat there. With a small sigh he restoked the ovens fire so he could begin making some cookies. There wasn't anything wrong with him making them, especially since his family owned the bakery. A cookie or two eouldnt hurt them

message 26: by ☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (last edited Oct 11, 2016 04:43PM) (new)

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments ((Profile in my last post ^))

Narissa had wanted to go to the bakery herself today. Since her maid had taken to buying things she wouldn't eat, it was all she could do so that she wouldn't starve.

message 27: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments As the cookies baked, Caryer pulled out a book and began to read. He might as well do something if everything else was done

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Narissa walked into the bakery with two guards behind her and two more posted at the door. She looked around the place Quaint.... she thought. She was used to things that were far more extravagant than this. Mentally rolling her eyes, she walked over to the counter.

message 29: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Hearing the sound of the door, Carter's head shot up and he shut the book. For a moment he sat there dumbfounded as to why she was there. It didnt seem as though anything was wrong, so he got off his seat and walked to the counter. His parents had always told him to not talk to the royals unless they talkef to him first, so he awkwardly shifted feom foot to foot as he waited

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Narissa's gaze finally settled on the boy at the counter. He looked nervous, she wondered if it was because he recognized who she was. "Excuse me," she said. "Do you work here?" After she asked, she realized that might not be the proper question.

message 31: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments "Y-Yes," he stuttered a little. Carter's mind kept racing, wondering what she'd be there for. They'd kept up on their payments and weren't doing anything bad. "How can I help you?" He finally managed

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Narissa tapped her fingers on the counter. "Yes, I need something to eat. Something sweet and warm," she said. Though she didn't show it, she didn't really know what she was talking about. It was surprising to her how little she actually knew about buying herself food.

message 33: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments "I have cookies that are going to be dine any minute now. Would you like some of those? We also have freshly made brownies if you'd like?" Carter couldn't help but to scan her face. She looked very beautiful to him, but he knew itd be useless to say anything. It was even a miracle she was talking to him

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Narissa bit her lip slightly. She wasn't sure which she liked, if either. She only knew what she liked by how it looked. Her maid did all the choosing and knew what the names of everything was, she just ate it unless she was allergic. "Either is acceptable."

message 35: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments He turned around and pulled the cookies out of the oven. Setting them on the counter, he pulled out a bag and a spatula. How many would you like?" Carter also grabbed the brownies so she could see how many of each there was

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments "Just one of each," she said, looking at both. She didn't recall ever having seen either before and she was cautious about it, but she did need to eat, and it wouldn't kill her....

message 37: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments "Alright." Carter put them both into the bag and took the money from one of her guards. After giving the guy the change back, he handed over the snacks. "Have a good day, your highness," he smiled at her

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Narissa smiled slightly, now taking her turn of feeling awkward. His smile was rather charming for a peasant, she thought. "And a good day to you as well," she replied.

message 39: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Carter gave a small nod of his head before putting the cookies in their spot. The guards watched Carter as he worked, making sure he wasnt going to do anything. Once Carter was back behind the counter the guards looked to Narissa to see what she wanted to do next

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Narissa straightened her already straight back absent-mindedly and turned to leave. She was done here, right? No wait, sweets weren't all she needed, were they... She paused and went to the counter again, feeling very awkward indeed. "Do you by chance have any fresh bread?"

message 41: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments "Yeah i have some from not too long ago." Grabbing a tray of bread he showed it to her. "Will this kind of bread do, or do you wish for another kind? If not I can make you something else.."

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments She looked at the bread and it wasn't steaming. That meant it wasn't fresh enough for her standards. But she didn't know what kind of bread she would ask him for, so maybe she would have to deal with this.... She looked very conflicted and confused from her thoughts.

message 43: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments He bit his lip when she didnt answer. "Would you like to try it first? Then I could make you a thing of it if you like. It'd only take a few minutes. Honestly I prefer this kind over the others. I think it has a better taste and it isn't as grainy."

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments "Very well, I shall try it," she said, reaching for it hesitantly. Was she supposed to rip a piece off? Cut it somehow? She wasn't sure...she had never done this before.

message 45: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments "Here, I'll cut a piece for you." Grabbing a knife, he cut her a piece and handed it to her. Carter looked over at the dough that he had, making sure he had that dough. Seeing there was, he looked back to Narissa to see how she liked it

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments Narissa took it from her and then carefully put it in her mouth. It was good and soft, she liked it a lot, but the fact that it wasn't as warm as she liked was a big down part to this. "It does taste suitable."

message 47: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments "You can try the others as well, see if you'd like one of those instead. They're all good, that one's just my preference." Carter wiped part of his face with hsi sleeve. He'd been around the fire all day abd the heat was finally getting to him. He couldn't wait until he was able to get home and take a bath. Narissa probably thought he looked disgusting with his dough and soot smeared face along with flour covered apron and hands.

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments "Um..." Narissa tapped her chin lightly with a finger that had flour on it from the bread. She didn't notice though. "No, I think that is fine. Make me some of that."

message 49: by Kk (new)

Kk | 156 comments Carter nodded before grabbing a thing of dough and prepping it. He thought of making small talk, but he wasn't too sure where his limits were with talking. "Do you want the bread to be soft or a bit crunchy?" Grabbing the dough he placed it onto the wooden paddle and placed it into the oven. "It shouldn't be more than a few minutes."

☣ EMᕈRESS SERΔ ☣ (empress-sera) | 29745 comments "Crisp on the outside, soft on the inside," Narissa replied, thinking about it. That, at least, she knew. Such things were her area, how it tasted the texture and all of that were things she knew. Names and all that, she had no idea.

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