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Help finding a title, please?

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message 1: by Christina (new)

Christina (cgangwisch) | 1 comments Hello,

A library customer of mine is searching for a book by Louis L'Amour that her father read when she was a child. Her father has dementia, and she is trying to help him locate the title, since he can't remember it. She knows that the book was about a father and a son that were being chased. She also remembers that the father was murdered cruelly toward the end of the book (she said that he was disemboweled). Are you familiar with a book that matches this description?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!

message 2: by Shane (new)

Shane Belcher | 6 comments hmmmm, I can't say that I remember that one. There are a few of his with fathers and sons being chased but I can't ever remember anyone being disemboweled. I'll try to go through the list and see if I can find anything for you.

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