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Christine Do you think we could have a folder where authors can promote their KU books so we can separate them from reader recommendations.

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Nicole (nics2) | 6 comments I do

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Michael Garvin (michaelscottgarvin) | 3 comments A Faithful Son by Michael Scott Garvin

Happy Holidays!
My novel, A Faithful Son, is free for Kindle Unlimited users.
Paperback is also on sale through the holidays.

Have a happy & safe holiday season.

Happy reading.
Michael Scott Garvin

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J. Dietrich | 4 comments The Christmas Gift

The Christmas Gift is available FREE on Kindle Unlimited
Start the season with a warmhearted holiday read.

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Kim Padgett-Clarke | 2 comments Made Of Glass

Made of Glass is available on Kindle Unlimited

Start the New Year off with a romance with a dark element

Kim Padgett-Clarke

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Saurabh Dashora | 1 comments Hello,

My debut sci-fi novel STARSHIP SAMUDRAM is out on KU.

Starship Samudram by Saurabh Dashora

It has elements of the spirit of human exploration, mystery, and at the same time fear of the unknown. Saturn's enigmatic moon, Titan is a prominent feature of this book and anyone interested in knowing more about Titan would enjoy this book. Below is a brief synopsis:

"The starship Samudram, led by Commander Alistair Moody, completes a three-year long journey to reach Saturn’s enigmatic moon—Titan.

Its mission is to establish a colony on the icy moon and usher in a new era for mankind. However, not everything is going as planned. Soon after starting to orbit Titan, Alistair Moody discovers evidences of a sinister conspiracy to take over the starship by a secret brotherhood operating within it. The Military Command that rules the Sol System is also breaking apart and a Separatist group wants to take over Samudram for its precious cargo—the Terraform Engine that can make Titan hospitable for human occupation.

But, Titan is not what it seems at face value. It hides a secret that reveals its ugly head when a group of explorers from Samudram land on Titan. Geologist Akshaj Parth—part of the team of explorers—must embark on a perilous journey to unravel the mysteries about Titan. The journey turns personal as he gets pulled onwards without realization that it is going to change him and his perception about the Universe forever.

Unknown to him, a strange sickness devours Samudram’s thousand-strong crew as Alistair Moody struggles to save the lives of everyone on-board from enemies inside and outside the starship, hoping that Titan will be a safe haven for them."

Do give it a try. Looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.

Visit my website for more details


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Grace Risata NEW RELEASE: 1/15/2017

99¢ Release Day Special Price! (Free on Kindle Unlimited)
Ungranted Wishes: An Erotic Paranormal BBW Comedy Romance
By Grace Risata
It would be putting it mildly to say that full-figured Cleo Welch was in a funk. Dead end job? Check. Bank account? Running low. Sex Life? Non-existent.
Her luck took a turn for the better when she stumbled upon a magic brass pot at a rummage sale. After getting drunk and rubbing things the right way, Cleo found herself in possession of one extremely attractive genie that was very grateful to be released.
What’s a girl to do when a four thousand year old genie is far more interested in satisfying her every desire, rather than granting any of her wishes? Well…she does the genie. That’s a no-brainer!
WARNING: This story contains quite a few explicit sex scenes (including ones involving candy that explodes, a dirty talking detective, and an ancient ritual performed with raspberries). Every scene is absolutely consensual between all parties involved. If you’re looking for a sick, twisted, dark tale – please go elsewhere, you will NOT find it here. All my stories come with a guarantee that you will crack a smile, find a happily-ever-after ending, and never have to deal with an annoying cliffhanger. There’s also no cheating, no billionaires, no bigfoot sightings, and plenty of character backstory (it’s not just a pornfest, I promise!)
Ungranted Wishes: An Erotic Paranormal BBW Comedy Romance

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Hitesh Rao (hiteshrao) | 1 comments Hello,

Author Laxman Rao's novel RAMDAS is available for FREE today on Kindle.

Download your copy now -

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Deepa Remesh | 3 comments Hello Everyone,

I'm Deepa and recently started writing a book series titled "Miss Tree Tales". The first book has been published recently. Mighty Coconuts

With each chapter book focussing on a tree, this series introduces kids to the concepts of sustainable living, conservation, and protection of natural resources. Just like planting seeds to grow trees, my aim is to plant the seeds that grow these good concepts in young minds. If you would like a quick overview, please check out the trailer for the first book Mighty Coconuts:

It's free on Kindle Unlimited for a few more days. Please grab a copy here:


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Jeremy Mifsud | 0 comments Hi, I'm Jeremy,
My poetry book is on KDP select, and you can get your own copy of the e-book on Kindle Unlimited from

If you are not part of Kindle Unlimited, the book will be on free promotion from the 11th to 15th February to celebrate Valentine's day!

The book's description has been copied here for your convenience:

The A to Z of You and Me is a collection of 26 poems - one for each letter of the alphabet. As a whole, the book is themed upon romance as the poems are based on the author's personal long-distance relationship.  The author acknowledges that the psychological experience of love is personal and describes his feelings with a sense of responsibility of what they might communicate to his significant other.

Although various poems elicit romantic and joyous feelings, others tell the painful story of emotional and vulnerable moments, such as that of feeling isolated or neglected. Throughout the book, all these emotions are mixed together, and they exist in a truthful harmony. Hence, the poems are not romantically delusional, but a realistic portrayal of multiple and sometimes contradicting aspects. This is how the title hopes that this collection encompasses such experience.

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Shannon Drawe | 3 comments Hi everyone! My name is Shannon and I recently published my first book Conflict (Sin City Supernaturals Book 1) by Shannon Drawe Conflict in the Kindle Unlimited program. It's the first in an urban fantasy series, and a follow-up novella will be publishing very soon. I'm new to the social aspects of reading (I just joined Goodreads a couple weeks ago) but am already enjoying it.

Blood usually only means one thing to vampires – dinnertime. Not true for Vivien di Rossi, vamp ruler of Nevada. For Viv blood means family first, from her undead children down to her friends.

Life has been pretty quiet in Las Vegas, but that sort of thing doesn’t last long when you’re running the supernatural operations of an entire state. Vivien finds out the Mortal Conflicts are coming, scheduled to happen right under her very nose. The Conflicts are an underground Vampire-Consul-approved battle to the death, and she’s already lost one of her children to the twisted games. With the help of her closest allies she devises a plan to kick them out of her territory for good, but she’ll have to do it from the inside. Unfortunately, as if the impending arrival of some of her greatest enemies isn’t enough, her youngest child goes missing. How will she prioritize one of the things she hates most in the world against one of the people she loves most?

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Michael Garvin (michaelscottgarvin) | 3 comments $0.99
On Sale This Weekend!
Paperback is also On Sale!
Always Free for KU members.
A Faithful Son
Michael Scott Garvin

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Arun Ellis | 11 comments The book 'Uprising' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle download until Friday 10th March 2017
Uprising by Arun D. Ellis


Just to let you know that my book 'Uprising' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle/PC download from Monday 6th to Friday 10th March 2017. All I ask is that you tell your friends and leave a review.

Set in a dystopian future; all wealth is in the hands of the Corporations, the 1% whilst the 99% live in economic debt or poverty on sink estates in the North. Terry works for Relocations, his job is to relocate undesirables to these estates. Unfortunately for Terry he is late for work once too often and is himself relocated to a sink. But Terry is not all he seems. Why is he there and who does he really work for?

Sample below:

Cramming the last piece of toast into his mouth Terry Jones grabbed his jacket and left his apartment for the office. He’d had the option of a high-rise within walking distance when he was first assigned to Relocations; his reasons for turning it down had seemed sound; cost = astronomical, space = minimal. Now, and not for the first time, he wished he’d taken it. That morning he’d set his alarm earlier than usual in the hopes of beating the rush hour traffic, problem was he never really managed to keep to his schedule (poor time management or lousy schedule?) and he found himself, yet again, bumper to bumper and yet again, late for work.
Brian Olsen made the final adjustments to his tie, jacket and hair before leaving the men’s room and heading to his desk; all the while diligently maintaining an erect 6ft 6in posture, a copy of today’s Times clamped under his right arm, his brief case gripped firmly in his right hand, and as he strode he repeated his mantra over and over in his head ‘today I will excel, today I will exceed all expectations, today I will excel, today I will exceed all expectations….’

Rain Morgan, stared at the free drinks machine for a few moments before selecting a cappuccino with sugar. Her actual name was Rainbow Sunset, her mother having one her odd moments, but she preferred Rain. She was quickly joined by Debby Jenna and Phillippa Djukovic; just time for a quick debrief of Phillippa’s date with Simon Brookes from Finance.
Peter Illyffe, the divisional manager for Relocations 1, left his office and headed for the usual 8:30 briefing in meeting room 3, aka the cupboard due to its lack of size and windows. His staff fell in behind, a well-rehearsed troupe, that is everyone except Terry Jones who was still driving fruitlessly round and round the car park.

The room filled quickly; those lucky enough to get in the door first grabbed a seat at the table, Peter at their head.

“Morning everyone,” he said, to which there were the usual responses of “morning, morning Peter,” a few nods and coughs and a silky “morning, Boss” from Brian, tall even when sitting down. “No Terry, I see?”

This too was greeted by the usual responses, initial silence, then embarrassed coughs or ums…. followed by a clear and unequivocal “he’s not in yet, Boss” from Brian. Peter made a note in the top corner of his meeting notes, as usual.

“Ok, everyone got a copy of today’s agenda?” general nods everywhere, “good, ok – item one then – the recent merger with Alderson’s. As per our meeting yesterday morning I’ve checked up the line and can confirm that Alderson’s Relocations are being wound down and we will ‘inherit their workload’.”

“Relocations are being relocated.” Phillippa’s quip was not altogether unexpected; there were a few groans.

“Thank you Phillippa,” said Peter.

“How big a workload we talking?” asked Rain.

“Approx half again our existing workload,” replied Peter.

“Will we be getting more staff?” Rain again.

“No,” said Peter.

“But how are we meant to cope with that?” asked Debby, saying what the others were thinking.

“By ‘working smarter’,” Brian jumped in, borrowing one of Peter’s ‘phrases of the moment’, “and if some people spent less time at the coffee machine talking then we’d get a lot more done.”

“Who’re you on about?” demanded Debby, realising too late that by asking the question she had singled herself out. Peter made another note at the top of his meeting papers.

“Moving on” said Peter, sounding tired, “there will be a further meeting at 2pm today with the team from Alderson’s so we can ‘manage the handover’ smoothly. Rain and I will attend that. Another quick point, the company will no longer be providing free drinks.”

There was a collective gasp, then “Why’re they changing it?” asked Debby, “I mean we’ve had free coffee for years now.” For some reason her mouth seemed to be working overtime this morning, in the absence of Terry it could be deemed she had assumed his mantle.

“As you all know we’re facing ever ‘stiffer competition’ out there, which is one of the reasons we’ve been merged with Alderson’s. The Efficiency Department has identified that the company could save almost £100,000 a year by moving to a ‘pay for your own’ drinks environment.”

“Can we bring a kettle and make our own drinks?” asked Phillippa.

“No,” replied Peter, “that would mean providing kitchen facilities – an added expense.”

“What about a flask?” asked Brian.

“Flasks are OK,” said Peter, flashing him a grateful smile.

“If you can drink anything from a flask,” muttered Rain.

“Everyone, now, come to order, please.” Peter was becoming irritated and the strain of not showing it was telling on his stress levels. At that point Terry opened the door and slipped into the room, “Ah! Mr. Jones, glad you could join us.”

“Sorry I’m late,” said Terry “couldn’t find anywhere to park.”

“There were loads of spaces when I got here at 8:00,” said Brian.

“I got held up in traffic,” offered Terry, his expression hopeful.

“Then might I suggest you leave earlier,” replied Brian, “we all make the effort to be here on time, it’s only ever you who’s late.”

“Thank you, Brian,” Peter interceded. “OK the final point, we’ve had a report from C.I.T, the Counter Intelligence Team,” he elaborated, staring pointedly at Phillippa over whose head most things of import were known to sail, “that we have a ‘heightened terror threat’ as a result of our merger with Alderson’s.” He waited for the information to sink in then continued by way of explanation, “Apparently we’re now the 3rd largest provider of labour resource in the EU so it makes us an even bigger target.” Phillippa looked on the verge of tears, possibly at being singled out for the stare, the rest were demonstrating variously dismay or affected disinterest but no-one spoke. “So everybody please ‘stay alert, stay vigilant’ and re-watch the compulsory DVD ‘Terror and Counter Terrorism’. Remember, ‘we’re all in this together’ and it’s up to each and every one of us to …‘keep the workplace safe’.”

Terry winced; he was convinced that Peter’s insistence on speaking in inverted commas and quoting the company watchwords at every opportunity had a damaging effect on his psyche.

“Did anyone see the news this morning?” asked Rain, too brightly. “There was an explosion in the town centre.”

“Yeah,” chipped in Debby, “near Macheson’s.”

“They said something about 20 casualties,” Rain added, “it’s awful”.

“Did they say who it was?” asked Terry.

“It’s a bit early for that kind of info,” snapped Brian.

“I dunno,” defended Terry, “they sometimes give a warning.”

“That’s the Red Freedoms,” said Debby, “the Black Hands don’t give a warning.”

“Which could imply the Black Hands,” said Terry, settling in for a natter on the merits and demerits of one terrorist organisation’s way of doing business versus another.

“OK,” interrupted Peter, forestalling further chat, “Any questions?”

“Parking,” said Terry, opportunistic as ever, “when are they doing something about parking?”

“As we said yesterday and the day before and, oh yes, as we’ve been saying every day in all these months since you joined us, they aren’t going to do anything about the parking, thank you, Terry.” Peter stared round the table, lingering on Phillippa, as if daring any more utterances.

“When are they going to fix the tower clock?” she asked, making a sterling effort to fight back tears.

“And they aren’t going to fix the clock, either, Phillippa. As we’ve already said it will cost too much to repair. Any more questions?”


“Good, back to work all of you, except you Terry, if you could just stay back a minute.”
The others filed out of the room and closed the door behind them.

“You were late again Terry.”

“I know but it was the traffic….”

“Traffic is not an excuse, Terry,” said Peter, “you should know to factor that in to your plans. Also, as I recall, Human Resources offered you an apartment close by when you joined us, a much sought after facility that had only come available due to the unfortunate demise of your predecessor.” He fell silent, possibly in recognition of human frailty and the fact that the previous occupant had thrown himself ungratefully off the 7th floor balcony of the much vaunted facility. “You are paid to be here between the hours of 8:30 and 5:00. It’s up to you to get yourself here on time.”

“Yes,” said Terry, for once recognising a time when the less words said might be the better.

“Everyone else manages to be here. I have to come from further away than you so I leave earlier. Brian always gets here at 8:00.”

“I know,” Terry murmured, humbly, while thinking 'yeah but Brian hasn’t got a life…'

“And he doesn’t leave his desk until 5.45 whereas you are packed and out the door by 5:10 if you can get away with it.”

Again, Brian hasn’t got a life …“I always do my hours…”

“Do you want to see your clocking in sheet?” asked Peter. Terry ducked his head; he knew what it would show. “The thing is Terry, it’s not working out for us; I think we need to move you on.”

Terry grimaced “I’m sorry Peter, I promise I will get here earlier in future.”

“I’m afraid it’s too late, Terry, Galaxy has already collated your data and raised it with Human Resources. They’ve spotlighted you and put in the transfer request.”

“You mean I’m already on the List?” asked Terry. “That was quick.”

Peter gave him a look; he was a strange one and no mistake, “Should come through in a few days. …Obviously you can’t be on site when it comes through, that would create a conflict of interest so your employment with Peter Brookes will be terminated this morning.”

Terry placed his head in his hands; his date with Cathy in Finance had just gone down the pan.

“I’m sorry, Terry but you knew your stats were in the system. It was only a matter of time before Galaxy highlighted you. You know the drill; it’s out of my hands.”

“I know, I know,” said Terry.

“I’m afraid I have to escort you off the premises.” Terry nodded. “Straight from this meeting.”

“Right now? Don’t I get to say goodbye to anyone?”

“Afraid not, you will be clocked out …” Peter flicked through his paperwork, “5 minutes from now. Sorry but there’s nothing I can do.”

“Yeah, I know,” said Terry, “I know how the system works.”

Happy reading, hope you have a good week.




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Arun Ellis | 11 comments The book 'Insurrection' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle download until Wednesday 15th March 2017
Insurrection by Arun D. Ellis

Just to let you know that my book 'Insurrection' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle/PC download from Saturday 11th to Wednesday 15th March 2017. All I ask is that you tell your friends and leave a review.

A group of well-heeled, geriatric friends, all ex service men and women, are so incensed at the callous and sustained ruination of their country that they resolve to make a stand, to arm themselves and to fight, to rid the land of their greedy leaders, to attack the political elites in their haven, the Houses of Parliament, even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice - will they go through with their murderous plans? A mad-eyed Preacher - is he all that he seems to be? What links them? Where will they all end up?

Sample below:

All around him lay his comrades, brave men of the 24th. The crack of rifles mingled with the cries of the wounded. He loaded a cartridge into the breach of his Martini-Henry and levelled the bayonet to meet the oncoming Zulus. He felt the warmth against his face, eyes closed he smelt the dry air, a slight breeze ruffled through his hair as he slowly exhaled. He heard the tune of Hound Dog and Elvis blasting away, then a heavy banging...

"Alb, you alright in there?"

"What the...?" he mumbled, rubbing his forehead, "Bugger."

"Alb?" Gerry sounded concerned; next step would be the warden and the master key.

"Yeah, yeah," he responded, struggling out his chair. His current favourite book, 'The Washing of the Spears ' slid off his lap and onto the floor, "Coming, give us a chance, won't you."

During the years they’d lived in the Eden Hall Retirement Village, as residents died and apartments became vacant, Alb Rayner and Gerry Arbuthnot had contrived re-locations until they now lived next door to one another; best friends as children, best man at each other’s wedding, they’d billeted together in the army and saw no reason why they shouldn’t support each other in their dotage. (Alb’s words)

Now Gerry's hands trembled slightly as he put the two mugs of tea on the low table and slumped gratefully into the armchair. He looked across the room; at the lines of bookshelves that held the non-fiction that had sustained his friend for all the years he'd known him. For once Alb had no book in his hand, although one was lying open nearby, instead his attention was fixed on the TV, a large flat screened, surround-sound, effort bought so recently that the excitement of watching even boring shows on such a large and loud scale had yet to wear off. Alb had justified the purchase with the stridently voiced comment that since 'not a lot else' was going on in his life except counting the days to death and since he'd no-one to leave his money to even when that happened he would spend it while he could.

“You're just in time, some people’s issues programme's about to start," he muttered, remote in hand, "that poncey prick Tommy Boyle.”

“Ah, the lie detector show, that crap, turn it up, will ya.” There was apparently even less going on in Gerry's life.

"Did you see old Pete died?" Alb was a font of local knowledge, mostly from reading the obituaries.

"A real shame, he wasn't that old either," said Gerry, for once he too had heard the gossip.

"76 next birthday," said Alb; to them at 80 and 81 respectively Pete had been a mere stripling. "Not yet 76 and his bloody kids bunged him in a dump like that." He shivered; 'that' had been a state-run nursing home and could've been his fate too if it weren't for his Army pension and some good investments. His greatest terror, something that could wake him at night sweating, was the loss of his freedom and his beloved books.

"You'd have thought they could've looked after him, bloody selfish little shits." Gerry was instantly outraged, like blue touch paper lit on a firecracker, "You remember, when my old mum moved in with me and Gwen after dad died, we knew how to look after our own in those days."

"Yep," said Alb, who'd done the same for his dad, "it wasn't all me, me, me back then, people were a community."

"We looked out for each other," Gerry was warming to the theme; though they'd gone over the ground time and again, "no-one would've put their parents away, even in places like this."

He waved his hand to take in the whole set up; thirty-two separate one bedroom, ground floor apartments, arranged in a figure of eight around two central courtyards. Each had its own kitchen and lounge but there were communal facilities; a kitchenette, a sun room, a casual dining area and a large TV lounge. The Eden Hall Retirement Village was well equipped with all manner of amenities; available to all with the money to pay for it.

They fell silent, both taking a sip of tea and staring at the TV, the music started and they were entranced in an instant, part of the show, ready to be introduced to the mess-ups some people call their lives, ready to be entertained.

The host of the show, Tommy Boyle, tall, debonair and utterly lethal, his frame dominating the scene, turned to the large, amorphous mass on his right, “Felicity, please, tell us why you’re here.”

“Well, Tommy,” Felicity (all 22 stone of her) bounced in the chair, her arms gesticulating this way and that, “I’m pregnant right an’ Randall, my boyfriend won’t believe I ‘aven’t ‘ad sex wiv no-one else, just ‘im.”

"Bugger me, I'd believe her," Gerry was leaning out of his chair, nearly spilling his tea, "I'm surprised she's had sex with anybody, I mean who the hell could fancy that?"

The crux of the story laid bare the audience relaxed, waiting for the maestro to begin his dissection; “So for you, Felicity, it's clear, it's your boyfriend's baby.”

“Yeah,” said Felicity, the coquettish look she produced sat uneasily on her shapeless face.

"Right, let's get him in here," said Tommy. He put out one arm in a welcoming gesture and onto the stage slouched a tall and skinny youth with a spotty complexion. He made a face at the audience, some hissing at him having already made up their minds, and slumped into a chair.

"Okay Randall," started Tommy, "Felicity has told us that she's pregnant and that you don't believe it's yours."

"I know it ain't," spat Randall, adjusting his position, angling his body away from Felicity's.

"Gawd, will you look at that," guffawed Alb.

"What a bloody mess," said Gerry, trying to make up his mind if the youth's hair was wet or simply greasy. "A quick spell in the army wouldn't do him any harm."

"Too bloody right," agreed Alb, "reckon that goes for most of the lay-abouts."

"Yor a liar," barked Felicity, rising monstrously from her chair. The two book-end bouncers waiting in the wings moved closer at a quick signal from Tommy but she subsided into her chair as quickly as she'd risen from it.

The argument raged back and forth on screen, the all too familiar pattern of lies and deceit; baring your lives to the studio audience's ridicule as well as that of the watching millions, all in the name of entertainment.

Gerry sighed heavily; the repetition was depressing, "We got any biscuits?"

"No, you got any in your place?"

"No," said Gerry, "but I bet Ken has."

Ken Grewcock lived in one of the apartments along the way, a mere minute's walk yet neither could summon the energy to move; they continued to stare at the TV.

Tommy was in command again, doing his showman bit, playing to the audience, "Okay, Randall, we get the general idea, you don't trust Felicity." He paused for effect, “So, if you don’t trust her, why is it that you’re still with her?"

Randall fidgeted in his seat and played with his nose, then picked it with his thumb, "'Cause I luv 'er, doan I." The camera homed in on Randall's tears and then cut to Felicity. She put out a chubby arm and looked tenderly at him.

"Well, if you love each other so much, why are we here?" asked Tommy, "Surely you can make it work together, for the sake of the baby."

"It ain't my fuckin' kid," retorted Randall, tears dried.

"What makes you think it isn't?" asked Tommy.

"I just know, ok," sullen now, head on chest, his voice a low mumble.

"It's your baby," Felicity's voice was ragged with tears, "I love you an' I ain't been wiv no-one else, on my muvver's life."

"Well, we can establish the truth of that statement," said Tommy, stretching his hand out for the 'golden envelope of truth' in a theatrical gesture, "Felicity took the lie detector test this morning and we asked her 'have you had sex with anyone else since dating Randall?'"

Both Gerry and Alb had leaned forward, breath bated, in an unconscious mirroring of the studio audience's reaction.

Tommy glanced round at the audience and then looked at Felicity, ".....and she said 'No'."

He paused for effect and the audience, expectant, leant further forwards in their seats, a pin dropping would have caused mayhem, "and the lie detector test said.....she was........LYING."

At that the audience erupted with gasps, groans, laughs and general abuse directed at both individuals on the stage. Gerry added his own tirade to the general cacophony.

"D'you know," Alb's voice sounded strained, "I blame Thatcher, her and her 'no such thing as society'. We used to look after each other, in the old days, but it's different today." Gerry had half an ear on the TV and half on Alb, never a good thing to do as he would keep talking until he got proper acknowledgement of his point. "No-one looks out for anyone anymore, as soon as you're old they bung you somewhere to die, 'cause that's what they want to do... forget us until we die, then they whisk us away and bung us in the ground, just like that."

"Yeah," said Gerry, "know what you mean."

"And everything we were, everything we stood for, our experiences...."
Gerry caught his drift, "Yeah's a real shame, a man like Pete, all his memories and now they're all gone, lost forever."

He was now quite depressed and was about to say more when Alb, in one of his quick mood changes muttered, "Still, no use cryin' over spilt milk," whilst pulling himself up and out of the chair. He fiddled with the remote, turning off the TV, "Come on; let's go see about those biscuits."

Happy reading, hope you have a good week.




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Robert Jameson | 1 comments For some brain-stretching thought-exercises about sex, please read my book, 'Secrets of Genius: The Sex Files' on Kindle Unlimited.

Secrets of Genius: The Sex Files

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Arun Ellis | 11 comments The book 'The Cull' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle download from Thursday 16th March 2017 until Monday 20th March 2017
The Cull by Arun D. Ellis

Just to let you know that the book 'The Cull' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle/PC download from Thursday 16th March to Monday 20th March 2017. Please fell free to pass this on to your friends.

With the world's oil supplies running out can the wealthy elites pull off a reduction in the world's population in one engineered mega disaster? Who can stop them? Who would even know to

Sample below:

For Sir Digby Chalfont, a connoisseur, of all the women in the group, one stood out. She was tall, with impeccably cut, gleaming bronze hair.

He noted the Givenchy Pandora box bag slung over the shoulder of her black crepe trouser suit, a Tyrwhitt, if he was not mistaken, and the raspberry shirt that softened the aquiline face was certainly an Emilio Pucci. He imagined a crop twitching against her Eleonaro black riding boots; the thought causing him to smile as he homed in. He had no idea of her standing in the group, although the clothes gave a hint to her status. He cared little; she was the most attractive person in the room and he intended to make himself known to her; his newly acquired knighthood must be good for something.

The faint silk scent of the window drapes was now combined with the perfume of luxurious colognes. The Chairman, a portly man with a well-used face, experienced the effect without enjoyment; well used to the smell of money. Taking advantage of his central seat on the small platform he surveyed the room. He was impressed all over again at the power of the Committee; to be able to summon two hundred people from the international political, military, industrial and social elites at such short notice and achieve their attendance was no mean feat.

Clusters of men, mostly white and middle-aged, their dark, sombre suits offset by a few in full dress uniform, a scattering of crisp white djellabas and several in multi-coloured dashikis. He noted the women; not enough to tip the balance.

All were veterans of this type of gathering, some chatting easily to each other, most keeping their own counsel. At the Chairman's nod, the man who'd been awaiting the signal detached himself from the group and walked to the podium; tall, slim, dark hair at the distinguished stage.

Kurt Silverman, Head of the Institute of Research. He cut an athletic figure; he looked good and he knew it. He also knew that he was amongst those for whom personal appearance mattered less than power and holdings; in that respect he was not their equal, he was there to serve them.

The view offered to him from the uplifted podium was of rows of seats, each one occupied by a glossy A4 booklet he'd prepared and placed there earlier. Gradually, as if in response to an unspoken suggestion, members of the group began to move to these seats.

After a short time the Chairman rose to his feet, his dark grey Kiton suit struggling valiantly to contain and command his ample body.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome," he said, his voice carrying without effort to the back of the room. Given the ratio of male to female and, more pertinently, the balance of power he might have been forgiven for saying, 'welcome gentlemen'. Having caught the eagle eye of the auburn-haired woman in black, seated next to Sir Digby, such a lapse had been rendered impossible. He waved his hand towards the podium, introduced Kurt in a few crisp words and resumed his seat.

Kurt spoke, his voice betraying a slight nervousness; this was an august company and he would have been a fool not to have regard for their power,

"Thank you for inviting me here to deliver, for your consideration, the proposed solution to the most pressing issue of our times; 'Peak Oil'."

He paused, making deliberate eye contact with the front row, then continued, "As you know, in the 70s it was estimated we would reach Peak Oil somewhere around 2015, after which the rate of production was expected to enter terminal decline, giving us a global fuel crisis somewhere about 2075."

He clicked a hand held device and the screen behind him came to life, showing a map of the location of the last known oil reserves, "However, increased warfare, rises in manufacturing and rampant population growth has meant a massively increased demand. We passed Peak Oil in 2005. As a result, we will reach the projected fuel crisis much sooner than expected."

He clicked again and the screenshot changed, "Of course, we took steps over the last few decades to try and contain the situation. Thanks to the work of the Neo Liberals in the eighties and nineties we were able to offset the increasing costs of oil production by shifting costs of manufacturing to the more cost effective labour force of the third world."

Kurt indicated with a smile the six-strong delegation from China, all male, in identical Prince of Wales check suits and to his eye, with identical faces. He gestured to the smaller group from India, two serious-looking men and one elderly, petite, sari-clad woman.

"You may recall it was estimated that we'd need a further three decades before the third world would be strong enough to take over the consumption of the West."

He paused before delivering the punch line, "I'm happy to say our recent studies have revealed that the new consumers are there in abundance as we speak, and more than able to take up the slack."

A few heads looked up at this revelation, most didn't react at all. Kurt had no time to wonder if they'd already had this information, he had to move on to the crux of the matter.

"This being the case not only have we no further need of the northern hemisphere labour market, we now have no interest in their continued ability to buy our products. In short we have no further need to sustain this part of the population."

Kurt was moving with poise now, as another chart appeared on the screen showing world population levels, "You will be aware of various natural phenomena supporting our aims of constraining population growth; the greatest of which are Aids and famine. The policy of appearing to work towards their eradication whilst achieving very little seems to be working. That takes care of Africa. Helpfully, Eastern and Southern European countries are being depopulated via sustained civil war and ethnic cleansing."

He paused, then, "Rapid economic cleansing is also underway; highly desirable areas of France and Spain are being de-populated and in the UK, London is being cleared to make way for settlement by the very wealthy, with the rest of the South-East to follow."

He couldn't prevent the smug grin that crossed his face; he'd recently snapped up some exquisite properties just outside Primrose Hill, so felt he had to follow up with, "Of course, you will get first pick of these prime slices of real estate as they become available. In fact, I believe you can book your plots now, is that right, Mr. Chairman?"

The Chairman rose awkwardly, caught out by the change of subject, but the words flowed with practiced ease, "Superior Homes has created an exclusive brochure, copies of which will be available in the foyer as you leave conference. You'll find outline plans for a deluxe chateau in an average lot size of 3,000 hectares in the new territories. "

An electric buzz swept the room.

Kurt judged the time was right for the big announcement, "However, attritional reduction of population in these areas is not enough for our needs. We must contain America, the biggest oil consumer on the planet."

Kurt looked round the room, then invested his voice with strength, "We now need to move into the last phase of our plan, which we are calling 'Operation Downsize'. I'd like to introduce General Nathan Goldhirsch of the US Army who will explain it to you."

The US contingent stirred in their seats and a tall man in full dress uniform rose to his feet and headed towards the platform. "That's US Marine Corps, Kurt," he said, smiling. There was a smattering of laughter, quickly suppressed.

"Okay," said the General, his frown bringing them back to complete order, "let's get down to business. We need to reduce the US of A population by at least 25% and we can't pussy-foot around. Economic destabilisation brings its own problems and we have one helluva civilian army out there, all armed. If they get a sniff of what's going on all hell will break loose. So, we gotta do it quickly." He turned to the screen and pointed at the image that appeared, "This here is La Palma, one of the Canary Islands."

A hush settled on the room, this was where it started to get serious.

The screen changed. "And this is the Cumbre Vieja volcano, it is extremely volatile." The screen changed again, "This is the western face of the volcano, which is gradually collapsing. One day, in the natural course of things this side will fall into the sea creating a mega tsunami which will sweep across the Atlantic, ravage the Bahamas and reach the Eastern seaboard in a matter of hours."

He allowed the magnitude of the pronouncement a few moments to settle then delivered the coup de grace, "Well, we don't have time to wait for the natural course of things, ladies and gentlemen, so we intend to blow the whole damn thing sky high. And we're doing it soon." 

Happy reading, hope you have a good week.




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Clay Rankin | 1 comments Now on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited!

Blake Blaster is in for the ride of his life when he (underhandedly?) secures a spot in a virtual reality contest.

Death Portal Online is a madcap romp through a virtual reality video game fantasy land. Blake isn’t particularly smart or that good at games, but he does have one thing going for him: he’s not afraid to kill everything that moves. Fast-paced and none too serious, his journey through the MMORPG’s dark fantasy world is full of humor and surprises.

Is Blake a couch potato with nothing left to lose, a reprehensible hack turning the game world inside out, or a lovable slob who just wants to be a better man? Start reading and decide for yourself!
Death Portal Online

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John | 2 comments I have a new Autobiography series out on Amazon. The first part is about growing up in the late 90s-2000s around drugs and chaos. I work in the health field today and my life is drastically different and the series goes through the profound change in great detail. It is meant to be inspirational for anyone struggling with addiction, being victimized by people, the system or yourself. You can do or achieve ANYTHING no matter what happened or what you did in the past. Its free on unlimited 2.99 ebook my 70% goes to youth and the future well-being of our civilization, planet and living beings a part including but not limited to animals.
Check it out @

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Arun Ellis | 11 comments The book 'From Democracy to Dictatorship' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle download from Wednesday 22nd March 2017 until Saturday 25th March 2017
From Democracy to Dictatorship by Arun D. Ellis

Just to let you know that the book 'Dictatorship to Democracy' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle/PC download from Wednesday 22nd March to Saturday 25th March 2017. Please fell free to pass this on to your friends.
First published in 'Corpalism'.

A smorgasbord of a book portraying many facets of modern British life. The Independents are a new force in politics; free of any lobby group, party bias, or corporate interest, they are determined to change the face of the political scene. This puts them on a headlong collision course with the Establishment.

Combine this with a terror plot, the exploits of a young dysfunctional couple, the struggles of a mature family living with change and you have the ingredients of an all-round good read.

Extract below:

The Independents - What price democracy?

The meeting organiser approached the rostrum, he paused and waited for the cheering to stop, and then he spoke, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to this, the very first meeting of the Independent candidates. It’s wonderful to see so many of you here in one place. We’ve selected a few people to speak with you today from the hundreds of offers we had …for those of you disappointed this time, we have a list for our next meeting and gradually we hope to give everyone who wants to speak a platform.”

The applause rose again as he gestured to a slightly built, sandy-haired man standing to the side. “Now, please give a rousing welcome to the man who started it all, our inspirational mentor and guide… Colin Carpenter.”

The delegates rose as one and cheered and clapped as the man moved confidently to the centre of the stage and took up position behind the rostrum. As he did so a single file of people walked on stage and sat in the row of chairs behind him.

“Thank you, Chris, for that introduction.” Colin said, beaming, the lights glinting off his glasses, “It’s been a long hard struggle but now we’re here, a visible force to be reckoned with, so…” There were more cheers from the hall. “WELCOME,” he shouted raising both arms, “today is the day we begin to change everything. Today we lay down the marker whereby we reclaim our country, reclaim our world, today is the day we start the new era of real rule of the people, by the people and for the people.”

There were more cheers and scatterings of delegates stood to applaud him; then more followed until the whole assembly was on its feet.

“No longer will we tolerate a corrupt, locked in party system; no longer will we tolerate their machinations, their duplicity, their constant deceptions, and their fake party divisions. We know they’re all the same, that they represent the same hidden wealthy few who own this country, we know they all rub shoulders with this clique of scoundrels and that they pander to their every whim. We will resist, we will stand against these corrupt servants of the rich and we will win.”

There were shouts of ‘win’ from the floor. Colin gestured that they should sit as he prepared to begin his speech proper. He waited a few moments until all were seated and the hall was quiet.

“I set out on this trail barely a year ago, not knowing where it would lead. Like many of you, I watched the Occupy movement in its struggle to take back control from those who hold us in thrall. I admit it, I watched rather than joined them; I supported them in spirit.” He paused, “I tried to make a stand by myself. I tried to keep my business going; I was trading on fumes. I cut costs and used inferior materials, I streamlined processes until there was no slack, I had to lay off staff who’d been with me for years and make the ones I kept work a 3 day week. We missed deadlines and our quality dropped – in the end I closed it down. Rather than be associated with what we were being forced to produce, rather than re-locate to China and do what my competitors had done – take advantage of slave labour in the East, rather than sacrifice my principles, I closed down the business I had started from scratch 10 years ago.”

He stopped talking, leaving a gap as if mourning a lost dream then he spoke again, quietly but with deep passion, “I was deeply unhappy and desperate to do something to make these rogues realise and stop what they were doing; it was something that seared into me until I could stand it no longer. I spent hours thinking about what I could do; without a revolution I couldn’t see anything changing. Then it hit me – I could ‘occupy’ the Political Space! I could stand on an ethical platform as an independent at the next general election.”

He looked slowly round the hall, making eye contact where he could. “I am a loyal Briton, my lineage reaches into all corners of these great islands of ours and I have always loved this country and all it has stood for. I love its people and our culture. I can no longer sit idly by whilst the greedy rich dismantle it, whilst they remove all investment from the UK and place that investment in areas of the world where they use slave labour, I will not tolerate it.”

There were shouts of support from the floor and again people were standing in their excitement.

“It is intolerable that the uncontrolled greed of the few should impact so heavily on the many. It is unacceptable that the political jackals should spin their concoction of lies to justify their plans to run down the state of Britain. It is deplorable that they should think themselves free to consign workers of the west to destitution whilst enslaving the workers of the 3rd world. It is unacceptable that they seek to return us to the same conditions as existed in the Middle Ages, a time when the rich elite was served by destitute serfs. They must think we don’t have a thought in our heads.” There was a rapturous round of applause. Colin grinned and added, “They must think we’re STUPID!”

The applause continued, accompanied now by excitable foot stamping.

“They clearly believe that the years of watching junk TV, of listening to their constant lies about the economy, about economics, the GDP, the unions, the balance of payments, the national debt, the so called ‘scrounging poor’, the so called ‘benefit cheats’, the communists, the NHS, the welfare state, state run education, Muslims, world terrorism, our lack of productivity and competitiveness, has shrivelled our brains and blinded us to the real truth, the reality behind all this.” He paused, took a breath then thundered out, “We, the masses, are being sold out by rich greedy psychopaths.”

More clapping from the floor.

“There is a precedent for all this but they hope we’re too stupid to see it, that we have no knowledge of history, that we’re so wrapped up in ‘reality’ TV that we miss what is happening, miss the correlation with the past.”

He poured some water from the jug on the table before him, allowing a few moments for his words to sink in, “The Roman Empire which for centuries was the dominant power, had legions that controlled vast territories of the known world, and then we’re told, all of a sudden, Rome collapses.”

He paused, then raised his voice slightly, “I say to you, Rome didn’t collapse, Rome did not fall – the wealthy and powerful families of Rome took advantage of prevailing winds and reorganised.”

He glanced out across the hall, checking the attention of the audience, “They recognised that maintaining legions to hold territories was costly, and they had a new weapon in their arsenal - religion. Caesar became the Pope, the leading families entered religion, the Roman Empire transitioned into the Roman Catholic Church collecting more revenues than a thousand legions could gather. That’s what happened to the Roman Empire, that’s what happened to Rome.”

He banged the table abruptly, startling a few people in the front rows, “But what happened to the ordinary people of Rome, to the plebeians, the out of work soldiers? They were reduced to penury as the Rome they knew disappeared from the map. As they starved, these legions that had made Rome great, the wealthy Romans, the patricians, the upper classes became richer than ever and the Pope found he was able to control the whole world with a few monks and threats of excommunication, of burning in hell for all eternity.”

He paused and took a quick sip of water, he knew that making the link was vital and these concepts were new to most of his audience.

“And that is what is happening to us…though it’s not belief in God that’s the new export, the new method of raising gold for the new aristocracy, the new export is a new religion altogether, and is called ‘consumerism’ or the ‘market’. The rich have exported our jobs to the 3rd world where wages are minimal, where land costs are minimal, where there are autocratic leaders and armies willing to crush the workers who ask for more, where there are billions of potential economic slaves to serve them and gain them even greater wealth.”
Someone in the crowd called out ‘Apple’ and a couple of others picked it up.

He nodded, “A good example, thank you” he said quietly, then raising his voice continued, “There’re one million people employed in sweat shop factories in China producing Apple products…think about it, one million jobs that could’ve been situated in the West but for the fact of having to pay minimum wage and provide decent working conditions.”

He stopped and stared out at the crowded hall, his eyes burning, “Wealth, that’s what this is all about, it’s what it’s always been about, the creation of wealth for the very few, for the greedy psychopaths who want to own everything and drive the masses into the gutters so that they can lord it over them; in order to feel rich they have to have the poor.”

Colin studied his audience, “So what of the British worker? What of the US worker? What is intended for us? In the recent past we had service industry jobs, easily accessed credit and the creation of massive debt, all this was done to ensure a smooth transition from production and purchase from the West to the East. It was no accident; it’s part of a plan and exactly what they intended and so far they have been successful. They have managed to transfer most of production from the West to the East and during that time the Western worker had artificial service industry jobs to ensure that there was still a market for products being made in the East. However, we have reached an end of the first phase - the credit bubble in the West has burst, the western worker is no longer able to provide the buying power required to maintain supply and demand so the wealthy few and their economic and political servants are looking to provide easier credit to the worker in the East, where there is a potential new market for debt.” ...................

Happy reading, hope you have a good week.




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Arun Ellis | 11 comments The book 'Murder, Mayhem & Money' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle download from Sunday 26th March 2017 until Thursday 30th March 2017
Murder, Mayhem & Money by Arun D. Ellis


Just to let you know that the book 'Murder, Mayhem & Money' will be FREE on Amazon for Kindle download from Sunday 26th March 2017 until Thursday 30th March 2017. Please fell free to pass this on to your friends.
First published in 'Daydream Believers'.

Ordinary people, living ordinary lives. What happens when boredom hits? What happens when money raises its head? What would you do?

Extract below:


Barry slumped onto the verge, regretting the decision even as his buttocks hit the turf.
He'd struggle to get up from this position and his gang was just up the road and ready to take the piss. He could hear the comments in his head, fat bastard, beached whale and other such insults just waiting to find an outlet.

Still, he was here now and he might as well get on with it.

He pulled out his note pad and punched the number into his phone. It was only 30 seconds before it connected but he was through to the usual auto service; if you want blah, blah press 1 or if you want such and such press 2. It took him 4 minutes to get through to the service he wanted, then there was a queue and he had to wait a further 5 minutes before a female voice came on the line.

"Hello, my name is Jane. How may I help you today?"

"Ah Jane," he said, for a moment forgetting why he'd called, "My name's Barry Halliwell, I'm ringing because I got a parking ticket the oth....." He was aware he'd put on his telephone voice, articulating carefully in the hope that a show of good breeding would get a better result.

"We can't take payments over the phone," said Jane, helpfully, "you need to send a cheque to the address on the back of the parking charge."

"Ah, no, that's not what I was after, erm.....I sent a letter with a copy of the ticket that I purchased on the relevant date." He spoke fast hearing her draw breath for her next dismissal, "the letter explained that I had displayed the ticket, but when I shut my car door the ticket must have blown off the dash into the car well and was missed by your warden. So I did in fact buy a ticket and, therefore, shouldn't have to pay a fine."

"Tickets have to be displayed," said Jane, brightly.

"Ah, yes I know that," he kept his voice even, "and it was, but on this occasion the wind must've blown it off the dash when...."

"Tickets have to be displayed," repeated Jane.

"Right," it was getting harder to maintain the even tone, but he managed to swallow his irritation, "I know that but the main point is that people buy a ticket, I mean, that's the whole point right?"

Jane didn't respond.

"That's the whole idea, to pay for the parking space for a given period of time, well I did pay and I have the ticket to prove it...."

"Tickets have to be displayed," said Jane, adding firmly, "at all times."

"I know that, Jane, but I'm telling you I bought a ticket, so I rented the space, and something occurred be it an act of god or what, but something occurred so that the ticket fell from my dashboard into the car well. I didn't avoid buying a ticket, I bought one, still have it and sent you a copy...." He was losing it, and losing her, he knew it but he couldn't stop.

"I'm sorry sir," said Jane, her voice still at the same equable pitch, "but I will have to terminate this call."

"Don't do that," said Barry, wildly, "it took me fifteen minutes to get through."

"Sorry sir," said Jane, sounding anything but, "I've advised you that tickets must be displayed so I can't help you any further, good day," with which she hung up.

Barry clenched his fists, incandescent with suppressed fury, knowing it was bad for his blood pressure but momentarily unable to get a grip. He breathed deeply and counted to 10 then punched the number in again. His heart slowed to normal during the enforced waiting period. He avoided looking at his team idling down the road, working on the childish premise 'if I don't look at you, then you can't see me.'

It was 10 minutes before he heard the voice he'd been waiting for.

"Hello, my name's Gareth, how may I help you today?" Smooth, silky.

"Hi Gareth," said Barry, aiming for instant camaraderie, "I'm having a little problem with erm.....a parking ticket."

"We can't take payments over the phone, sir" said Gareth, helpfully, man-to-man, "you need to send a cheque to the address on the back of the parking charge."

"I know that, Gareth but the thing is, you see, I did buy a ticket so this fine isn't really relevant to me."

"Was it adequately displayed in your car window sir?" asked Gareth.

"Right," said Barry, thinking 'this is going pear-shaped fast', "let me explain ..."

"I'm sorry sir," said Gareth, oil-slick smooth, "unless the ticket was displayed in your car window I won't be able to help you."

"I get that," desperation was taking his breath away, "but can you please explain the purpose of buying a ticket?"

"To rent the parking space sir," said Gareth, happy to oblige, "but the ticket has to be displayed. It's part of the terms and conditions. This is displayed on the sign where you would have purchased the ticket and on the reverse of the ticket."

"So you don't dispute that I bought a ticket?" This is not what he had meant to say, the conversation was getting away from him again.

"I'm not in a position to comment on that, sir."

'Stop calling me sir when you mean shithead', Barry thought savagely, whilst forcing his voice into an even tone, "Surely you have a procedure in place that takes accidents into account?"

"The rules and terms are clear; the ticket must be clearly displayed."

"But that's criminal," now he'd lost it, "that means you get money for the parking and then you get to fine people 60 quid with no recourse or....."

"I'm afraid I can't progress this any further sir," said Gareth, all firm and righteous, "so I'm terminating the call, good day."

"Don't..." shouted Barry to the dial tone, "You fuckin' bastard, right, I'll 'ave you!" he snarled, manhandling the number into his phone, cursing violently as each digit went in, heart palpitating ferociously as he waded through the auto service and this time waiting a further 20 minutes for an operator, neurotically convinced they knew it was him and were making him wait longer on purpose.

"Hello, you're through to Diane," yet another well-modulated voice. Were they churning them out of a fucking sausage machine somewhere? "How may I assist you today?"

He launched straight away into his speech, hoping to catch her unawares, "I bought a parking ticket and I placed it on the dashboard of my car, but when I returned to my car I had a parking fine ...."

"Ah, well sir," began Diane.

"If you could just wait for me to finish please Diane, you see I then sent a copy of the ticket and a letter explaining what must've happened to...."

"Was the ticket displayed in your car window sir?"

"It was when I left the car but it must've fallen was on the floor," he was aware how piteous he sounded; it was all he could do not to cry in rage and frustration.

"If the ticket wasn't adequately displayed we are entitled to levy a fine...."

"Surely once I present evidence that I bought a ticket ............"

"Do you still have the ticket sir?" asked Diane.

Breakthrough, he thought, she's listening, "Yes I do Diane," he said warmly, he could cuddle her.

"Good," said Diane, her voice bright and even more helpful than before, "then if you look on the reverse you will see it says in the terms and conditions...."

He blinked. For a moment he was too shocked to speak, then he rallied, he'd come too far to stop on a technicality, "Yes I know what it says, but you're not listening to me, I paid for the ticket, I paid to park there and now you're fining me for an act of god."

"The rules and terms are clear; the ticket must be clearly displayed."

"Diane, please, am I talking to a human being or a robot here? I'm telling you that I bought your lousy ticket, I paid to park there, this fine is all wrong."

"I'm sorry sir, but unless the ticket is adequately displayed...."

"Right!" said Barry, "in that case give me my money back. The money I paid for the parking ticket, £3.50, I want it back. If you're going to fine me anyway then you have to give me my money back."

"I'm sorry sir," said Diane, sounding infinitesimally off-balance. He felt like he'd scored a goal at Wembley, "there are no circumstances under which we'd offer a refund."

"But I paid for the ticket, I paid to park there, so you owe me a fucking refund if you intend to sting me for 60 quid."

"If you are going to verbally abuse me," said Diane, balance restored, "I will have to terminate the call, good day."

He dialled again, he would do this all day if he had to; it now meant more to him than his job, in fact he would commit the rest of his life to achieving this one thing. Verbal abuse? I'll give you verbal abuse.

He readied himself to launch a vitriolic tirade when he heard an electronic male voice on the other end, "We have received several nuisance calls from this number, therefore, I'm immediately terminating this call."

Happy reading, hope you have a good week.




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M.V. Grimm | 2 comments Hi guys,

If you love Fantasy/Sword&Sorcery/Coming of Age book with added mystery plot in it.
You can check out my ebook.
Thomas Blackwing And The Crystal Heart (Part 1 of The Immortals Chronicle Book 1)
Also on sale at $0.99

Amazon UK

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Fourteen years following the assassination of the royal family, the Aries Council prepares to elect a new ruler. The King’s Candidates event is lauded as the premiere event for first-year cadets anxious to secure their place in history. Hailing from three of the most prestigious schools in the kingdom, knights, wizards, witches, and rangers will compete to secure their place behind the throne.
Among the brave contestants stand a pair of fourteen-year-old orphans. Their shared quest will pit them against each other, but a strange turn of fate will seal their bond. As an ancient mystery begins to unravel, startling revelations and mystifying incidents around them lead to a sinister game of deception.
Will they solve the legend of the Seven Immortals before chaos of a great war erupts?

Thomas Blackwing And The Crystal Heart (Part 1 of The Immortals Chronicle Book 1) by M.V Grimm

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Joseph Kelly | 1 comments Hi Everyone,

My wife Allison & I recently released an illustrated collection of 48 children's poems called Aboard a Paper Plane (enrolled in Kindle Unlimited). If you're delighted by whimsy, wordplay, and wacky characters, we think Aboard a Paper Plane might be for you. We really enjoyed writing these poems together - we hope you enjoy reading them!

All the best,


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Mary Lingerfelt | 4 comments Hi,

My name is Mary Lingerfelt and I'm the author of a sweet Amish romance series, A Lancaster Love

Can an ex-Amish woman leave her past behind and find love after tragedy? This riveting series follows Eve Miller, her first love Noah Lapp, and her business partner Flynn Munro through an inspirational Amish romance entwining love, loss, redemption, and the healing power of God.

Book One--Eve Miller returns to her Lancaster County home for her beloved father's funeral, only to be confronted with her traumatic memories, a family crisis, and her lost love, Noah Lapp. Will Eve's past destroy her future?

Book Two--Noah revives their romance, and Eve accepts the challenge of righting her family's fortunes. She enlists the help of her new business partner, Flynn Munro, in a venture that she hopes will provide her family an income. But her estranged brother Abel and a sudden disaster threaten Eve's success. Will she be strong enough to justify her family's faith in her?

Book Three--Disaster reveals a dangerous secret, and Eve and Flynn's friendship deepens. Noah's pursuit of Eve meets opposition from the Amish church, and he faces an important decision. Which should he choose--faith or love?

Book Four--Flynn and Eve begin dating, and Abel suffers a crisis that leaves him fighting for his life. Will Eve be able to hang on to her family--and her faith?

Book Five--Eve comes to a dramatic crossroads and makes a decision that determines the fate of her family, her own heart, and her relationship to God.

Follow Eve as she makes her perilous journey from past to present, from doubt to faith, and from loneliness to love, in this 650-page saga of faith, family, and sweet romance!

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Amber Meyer (goodreadscomambermeyer37gmailcom) | 1 comments Puppy Love: Life Lessons In Disobedience

Sometimes a life filled with love needs a little itching powder. I call this my coming-of-middle-age story. It's kind of like Marley and Me with a sprinkling of Bridget Jones diary, but real and I'm usually behaving as bad or worse than my beloved canines. It's okay to have a little fun at your husband's expense right? Insert evil laughter here.

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Libby | 2 comments Libby Fischer Hellmann
Easy Innocence: The Georgia Davis PI Series #1
When pretty, smart Sara Long is found bludgeoned to death, it's easy to blame the man with the bat. But Georgia Davis -- former cop and newly-minted PI -- is hired to look into the incident at the behest of the accused's sister, and what she finds hints at a much different, much darker answer. It seems the privileged, preppy schoolgirls on Chicago's North Shore have learned just how much their innocence is worth to hot-under-the-collar businessmen. But while these girls can pay for Prada price tags, they don't realize that their new business venture may end up costing them more than they can afford.

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Shannon Drawe | 3 comments I just released a novella in my Sin City Supernaturals series last week!

Conflict (Sin City Supernaturals Book 1) by Shannon Drawe is the first book in the series. It's a darkly funny thrill ride with plenty of action and adventure, and maybe a little flirtation thrown in for good measure.

Beautifully Executed (Sin City Supernaturals, 1.5) by Shannon Drawe is the new novella, which follows the events of Conflict. Alyssa is a 2000 year old vampire on the hunt for a supernatural serial killer that's terrorizing the party girls of Las Vegas.

Both are available for free on KU!

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Mikael Carlson | 1 comments All books are available on Kindle Unlimited

It's a tense time for America, but these books are must reads for anyone looking for a more civilized political process. If you like political dramas like House of Cards on television, this would be a great series of books for you.

The iCandidate
The iCongressman
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For a scarier look at the path the world is on, let me introduce you to the corporate state. Orwell's 1984 meets George Martin's Game of Thrones in these political thrillers.

America, Inc.: A Political Thriller
America, Inc.: Bounded Rationality

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Miranda Atchley | 6 comments The first book in my Christian historical series, A Castle in the Sky ,was released last spring. The book is about a strong female protagonist named Abi Hensley who leaves her parents' wealthy lifestyle to live on her own and pursue her dreams of being an author. The second book in the series, All The Future Holds , released in February of 2017. Both books are available to read through Kindle Unlimited. Hope you all enjoy them!

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Louisa Black (lblack32) | 1 comments My Book 'Coming Back Through Grace ' is now available on Kindle Unlimited. Hope it encourages you, happy reading xx Coming Back Through Grace

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Azrael James | 1 comments Mark of Destiny by Azrael James is free to read on Kindle Unlimited. Check out user reviews here on Goodreads or Amazon.

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Chris Speck (chrisspeck) | 2 comments Hello all,

Nice to see you all here.

My father and son fantasy book 'Warmstone' is free to read on Kindle Unlimited.

It has Vikings, mechanical giants and a lot of cold in it.


Click here to read Warmstone on Amazon Kindle

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A.K. Raj (akraj) | 1 comments Fallen Beads: Unforgiven Mistakes, is the story of a teenage orphan named Indumathi, who gets raped by a man whom she thought would be her savior. With no one to go to and no where to go, she is left with no choice but to continue to be associated with him. She has to carry the burden of his mistake for the rest of her life as nothing can undo his inhumane deed.

Some mistakes don't deserve forgiveness and can never be forgiven, but can love find a way to heal those dreadful memories at least?

Available on Kindle Unlimited

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Steven Blanchard | 1 comments Hello Authors,

Hope, you’re well!

I know you’re always bringing with the new concepts and new stories to share the books among us which exactly inspire and motivate us. I love to read new books as well. If you know someone who is facing any trouble while using your kindle or other problems related to reading books on the kindle or latest updates, get the instant help on this number @1-866-237-3847. They will assist you in kindle related issues at anytime or anywhere, means available at 24/7 hrs.

Steven Blanchard

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A.L. Jackson (aljackson) | 2 comments The entire Bleeding Stars Series, that's right all six books, are in Kindle Unlimited right now!

You can binge on the whole series here --->
Bleeding Stars Series Download


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Dakshinamurthy | 1 comments GUNS N' DIAMONDS: A Thriller Short Story is for KU Readers who love Suspense, Crime Thrillers and is the first book of the Series.

Two friends, filmmakers, return from a hectic day of shoot in a dangerous area of North Chennai. Little does one of them know that his next day is going to be filled with shocks, thrills, blood and a lot of guns!

Author's Page: Dakshin R

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Caroline Savage (caroline_savage) Free on Kindle Unlimited - Do you write grant applications for your work or community? - check out Grant Writing: A Simple, Clear and Concise Guide

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Julie Trettel | 1 comments Hi everyone! I'm new here but wanted to add my books to the list. ALL of my books are on KindleUnlimited.

One True Mate, a Westin Pack Novel
This is a Paranormal Romance, 1st in a series of 5 and my first self-published project. It released last month and is doing really well. I'm super excited about it.

I also have a dystopian series out called The Compounders. They are all also KU. Two full length novels are already out and a series novella releases July 6th.
DISCONTENT (coming 7/6/2017):

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Michael Garvin (michaelscottgarvin) | 3 comments Aunt Sookie & Me by Michael Scott Garvin
Young Poppy Wainwright feels much like a deck of cards, shuffled around from a boozing mother to a beloved grandmother. Finally bussed to Savannah, Georgia, to live with her grandmother’s cantankerous sister, Sookie. Through the enlightened eyes of a thirteen-year-old girl, the hilarity and insanity ensues.

From the best-selling author of A Faithful Son, this rollicking romp of a ride does not disappoint.

Aunt Sookie & Me: The Sordid Tale of a Scandalous Southern Belle is irreverent, hilarious, and heartbreaking. All political correctness is buried alongside the dead corpse in the family vegetable garden in this riotous book. But don’t let the folksy and fresh recipe fool you, Garvin serves up a big helping of reality, cutting through small-town bigotry and bias.

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H.E. Bulstrode (goodreadscomhebulstrode) | 4 comments All of my tales are available on Kindle Unlimited, with five of them being gathered together in Anthology: Wry Out West:

Five twisted tales of the uncanny: from the acid-fried occult oddity of Gwydion's Dawn, to the bizarre rites of seventeenth-century Devon in The Cleft Owl; the psychological horror of 3:05 am, to the vengeful fury of Old Crotchet, all are as distinctly odd, and unsettling, as the seemingly innocuous guide in Agnes of Grimstone Peverell. The comedy is dark, and the protagonists all too unawares of the sinister forces that lurk beneath the fragile veneer of the everyday world; shifting and malevolent, they are there to be seen, and sensed, if the characters should care to look, yet more often than not, they do not.

Unconstrained by the bounds of any single genre, amongst these tales you will find much to engage your interest should you possess a taste for mysteries, the paranormal, ghost stories, the occult, psychological horror, historical fiction and satire. Come! Old Crotchet awaits you.

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Damian Huntley (damian_huntley) | 1 comments Hey everyone! Book 1 in the Urban Fantasy Series, Histories of the Void Garden is available on Kindle Unlimited:

Title: Pyre of Dreams
Length: 116k
“Your life, Mr. Beach, has become inextricably entangled with the day to day enterprises, industries, and affairs of angels and demons, the fey and the foe, the gods and the monsters of this world.”

David Beach’s worst nightmare is just beginning. With a seven-year-old daughter to protect, David finds himself the lead suspect in the investigation into the assassination of sixteen world leaders. With no one to turn to, he is all too willing to accept help from any corner.

But when help comes, David’s understanding of the world is flipped on its head. He learns of the Leechborn; immortal shape-shifters who have stood in the shadows of humanity, warring over a sacred prophecy. Could the very people he’s accused of assassinating be among these immortals? Can David save himself and his daughter by becoming Leechborn?

Amazon US:

Amazon UK:


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Rashell Lashbrook (rashell_lashbrook) | 3 comments Hidden in the Dark
is available in Kindle Unlimited for free always but also available to download for everyone between August 5th - August 9th for FREE!

A dark domestic thriller guaranteed to keep you reading past your bedtime with twists and turns that will leave your head spinning -

After enduring a lifetime of abuse at the hands of the man that vowed to cherish her, Genny Carter knows only the role of the victim. More focused on avoiding punishment than the wellbeing of her three daughters, she ignored the terror inflicted on them by their father during their childhood. She kept his secrets. Now, in her sixties, Genny has had enough. She needs her daughters to help her escape. Can she count on them?

Lilly has tried for decades since leaving that little Texas farmhouse to erase the unspeakable things that were done to her. After snagging a wealthy man, she reinvents herself into a polished member of San Antonio’s old-money society. Can she keep up this façade, or will the secrets she hides cause her to lose everything?

Always Daddy’s favorite, thirty-five-year-old Randi tries to bury her shame in a mountain of sex and drugs. Estranged from her parents for nearly ten years, the news of Mother’s leaving forces her to face old wounds. Will she survive?

Much younger than her sisters, Raine was left to deal with Daddy’s horrific abuse after the others left. Shanti, free of a conscience, was conjured to help protect little Raine by whatever means necessary. Raine’s mother and father are back in the picture, and Shanti is on a rampage.

Every family has secrets. Some are worth dying for.

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Josie Jaffrey (josiejaffrey) | 2 comments A Bargain in Silver (Solis Invicti, #1) by Josie Jaffrey A Bargain in Silver Is now available on Kindle Unlimited, for all you paranormal romance fans.

The book is the first in the Solis Invicti series (4 books in total, all published).

The series is set in London, in a world in which the human population has been decimated by a blood-borne virus. In the wake of the zombie apocalypse that follows, a vampiric race called the Silver seizes control. Without the protection of the Silver, humanity will soon cease to exist, and without uninfected human blood, the Silver will perish. A necessary symbiosis is the result, but the power of the two races could not be more unevenly balanced.

The protagonist of the series is Emilia, a twenty-something barmaid with an insubordinate and reckless approach to the new order. In the first days following the collapse, she struggles to accept that her life has changed irrevocably and that she is powerless to reclaim it. That recalcitrance brings her face to face with the highest ranks of the Silver.

Then, of course, there's the romance element. I'm not going to roll out the spoilers, but suffice it to say that at least one of them is hot. I've played with a few common tropes that irritate me (primarily instalove and the linearity of relationships depicted in romance), together with a few that I really enjoy (like scent-marking and bonding). There are love triangles, aggression and drama, but there is also an eventual HEA (promise!).

The series is targeted at adults and mature young adults. The books contain horror, profanity and sexual content. This isn't erotica, but there are some steamy scenes (only one or two per book).

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Joseph | 1 comments Apologies if this isn't the place for shameless self promotion, but as far as I can see this is allowed here.
I've got a few collections of odd/absurdist flash-fiction available on KU.
They're quite different to most genres, but they have the advantage that you can quickly see if you like them or not.

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M.D. Mascaro (mdmascaro) | 1 comments The Secret of the Sea Witch by M.D. Mascaro

I will be doing a BOOK SIGNING of The Secret of the Sea Witch on August 26th during the ASBURY PARK PROMENADE OF MERMAIDS. Come to The Mermaid Haberdashery, 1300 Ocean Avenue from 3-6pm. Can't miss me, I'll be wearing my tail!

The Secret of the Sea Witch, is currently available on Kindle Unlimited. A YA fantasy/fiction about a mermaid makes for a great beach read.

Strange dreams and premonitions cause Marisa, a precocious young mermaid, to quit the enchanted onyx halls of the Aquademy. Retreating to the safety of home, she abandons a coveted position in the Sea Witch program. But when students begin to disappear at her alma mater and her brother joins the ranks of the lost, Marisa is swept up into more danger and mystery than her dreams could have ever presaged. In her search for the missing she finds power and strength - and her own lost past.

Thanks for taking a look! Hope to see you in Asbury Park!

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Joe Crane Hey everyone! My new book The Red Mountain is now available on Kindle unlimited!

After a horrific plane crash, groups of survivors end up in a continent that has been hidden from the world for what it contains. While trying to find a way back home, they’re being hunted by a group of professional soldiers that show no mercy. They try to escape at first but the more they knew about the continent the more they realize that escaping wouldn’t matter for what is about to come.

The Red Mountain: A new beginning

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T.J. Dell (tjdell) | 1 comments Whenever I'm With You A New Adult Romance (Alphabet Babies Book 2) by T.J. Dell Sometimes I Think of You by T.J. Dell

Kindle Unlimited New Adult Romances! Sextuplet siblings off to college to find themselves, and to find love. Think What if Jon and Kate were good parents....

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Robert Armstrong | 1 comments My 2 book sci-fi series is up on Kindle unlimited. Enjoy!

Echo Effect

Echo Effect: Symphony of Descension

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Pinkberry (__sn__) Hi. Please give feedback on this book.
It's 3 short and unrelated stories. Girls, Elevator and Mister.

Contact me if you want a free copy to review. Thanks.

Excerpt: Orki stepped into the small apartment on the fifteenth floor. There was another young girl there, early twenties, scuffling around in the kitchen. Her name was Nina. She had dark hair with blue streaks, a black t-shirt displaying a faded print of a white gorilla, and a tattoo of five snowflakes inside her exposed waist. She was hidden partially behind the center island. She had flour smeared across her face.

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Grace Risata Hello Everyone. My newest release is a Steamy read you might like...
Free on Kindle Unlimited or 99 Cents to buy.

Teaching the Dom by Grace Risata

Going door-to-door and collecting for charity is not the way Melody Lewis planned to spend her day off. However, her life takes an unexpected turn when she arrives at the last house on the street and meets a most interesting stranger.

Konrad Steele does not like to be interrupted. Needless to say, he was irate when a persistent visitor kept knocking. That is…until he saw the beautiful creature waiting on the other side of the door.

Dominant. Submissive. Control. Discipline. Trust.

Who truly has a position of power? Sometimes the lines can become blurred when two strong personalities collide. Not everything is as straightforward as it seems when you’re teaching the Dom.
Teaching the Dom by Grace Risata

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