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message 1: by Meryl (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 808 comments Mod
I hope some of you are joining us in reading Yoga's Healing Power. It offers a lot of food for thought.

The book provides a modern take on the yoga yamas and niyamas. That got me thinking that this could be something all of us, reading the book or not, might want to work on.

For the next few weeks, how about committing to a single Yama to really focus on?

A reminder of what the 5 yamas are:

The five yamas listed by Patañjali in Yogasūtra 2.30 are: Ahiṃsā (अहिंसा): Nonviolence, non-harming other living beings. Satya (सत्य): truthfulness, non-falsehood. Asteya (अस्तेय): non-stealing. Brahmacharya (ब्रह्मचर्य): chastity, marital fidelity or sexual restraint.

These are interpreted to the full extent of each word, so asteya--the one I'm choosing to work on--includes no taking paper clips home from the office, no "borrowing" a $10 bill from your husband's wallet, no letting the restaurant bill slide when they forget to add that drink....

Who's in and which one is your focus?


message 2: by Ro (new)

Ro | 1 comments I'm in!

I'm currently reading "The Yamas and the Niyamas" by Deborah Adele so this works perfectly with my practice. My focus for the next four weeks will also be asteya.

Thank you, Meryl!

message 3: by Meryl (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 808 comments Mod
Great, Ro. Let us know how the book is when you're finished.

message 4: by Meryl (new)

Meryl Landau (meryldavidslandau) | 808 comments Mod
One interesting thing happened today in terms of my work on non-stealing. I was at my folks' house and they had something in their bathroom that I needed in my home. They had several and I know they wouldn't mind, so I was about to take it. Then I realized that that was "stealing," so I stopped myself and asked them instead. (Of course they said yes.) A good lesson for me that maintaining the highest level of integrity takes constant vigilance.

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