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Hey everyone, I'm planning on rereading all the books in the Tortall world before the new books come out. I'm planning on one book a week starting with Alanna, Daine, Kel, Ali, and Beka in that order. I will be starting on Monday October 10 if anyone wants to join in and discuss.

If you do decide to join in with me know that you don't need to partake in every book. You could just read your favorites, or the ones available to you, and if you have read all of them feel free to join in on the discussions. I'll try to post some questions every week to get the discussions going, but since these books are so good talking about them shouldn't be a problem. I will remind everyone on Monday that I'm starting, and I couldn't be more excited for this.

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Sarah (drsarah) | 3 comments Sounds cool! I don't have time to do a reread, but I'll be interested to read the comments and see the discussion - and I daresay I'll end up rereading some of my favourite bits as I go along. :)

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Revisiting favorite moments is always the best! glad to see you're looking forward to the discussions, they are almost as much fun as reading the actual book :p

Jess Means (jess2means) | 28 comments Don't know if I can read that fast but happy to reflect back with you as you journey through them!

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Great! happy to have you along for the ride :)

Parker | 15 comments Count me in! I'll probably be ahead of the group, since I can read one book a day, except for "Lady Knight" AND the Beka series. Those take me two days.

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Silverblades | 2 comments Maybe in honor of the occasion, I'll buy the ones I don't own yet.

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Parker: That's the thing with these books, you start them and then don't put them down until they're done :p

Silverblades: buddy reads are always the perfect excuse to buy new books :)

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So I'll be finished with Alanna: The First Adventure tomorrow so I'll be posting some questions to get the discussion going. So far I'm having a blast revisiting some of my favorite characters, Alanna and George are definitely one of my otps.

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There's nothing better than sitting back with an old favorite and revisiting their story. I only have a little bit left in this book, but I can already see that stopping myself from reading these books too fast is going to be a challenge. let's get this discussion going.

1. Which series is your favorite?

For me that has to be the Protector of the Small series, it was the first series I ever read by Pierce and Kel is still my favorite heroine out them all. Alanna is amazing, she's one hell of a fighter but she went through her training in a completely different way than Kel. Thanks to her disguise as a boy all she had to do was fight back, not as easy as I make it sound but she didn't have to deal with the stigma of being a female page. While she did deal with being bullied, all she had to do was work hard and beat the guy and that was that. Kel on the other hand had to work hard, and prove herself to be better than all the boys day after day. Since she was on probabtion as a page, even the smallest complaint about her studies/abilities and she would have been thrown out due to her gender. Alanna got to hide behind her facade as a man to help in that department. Bringing my to my next question.

2. Did you think that the gender bender was well done in this story?

I have to say that this is one of the better gender bender stories I've read. I give it a 9/10. Pierce manages to showcase the challenges of being a boy and a girl when it comes to Alanna. There are the hardships of being the new kid, small for his size, and the inevitable bullying that ensues. I loved how Alanna's personality allowed for her to use the situation to her advantage, by training hard enough to beat that a**hole she improved her abilities as a warrior and solidified her position as man. After all, nobody would think that a young woman could beat a Roland. Then there's the female aspect of Alanna, the poor thing didn't know what her period was and went screaming to George thinking she was dying. There's talk about birth control, and how she has the freedom and right to choose her own partner. Pierce takes some very serious issues and perfectly aligns them with Alanna's personality. The way the this secret is hidden and kept by those she trusts made it almost perfect. It wouldn't have been as realistic if she had managed to do all these things without a little bit of help. The thing that keeps this from being a 10/10 with me is the fact that despite having been taught magic from Maude, why didn't the old woman take the time to tell her about her body? It just didn't seem logical to me.

3. What did you think of the antagonist of the the story, Roger of Conte?

I hated this man, though this might be coming from a bias view of him after reading these books a few times, he seems slimy and untrustworthy from the beginning. He's one of those perfect villains who has everyone believing he is the good guy despite obvious discrepancies with his character. He is actually in my top 5 hated villains list, and I usually love a good villain. Maybe it's the way he never seems to be defeated, you think Alanna has gotten him then BAM he's back and ready to reek havoc wit people's minds.

Parker | 15 comments Asking me to name a favourite series is like asking me to name my favourite child. I love them all for different reasons. Lioness Rampant was the series that introduced me to Tortall. All of Pierce's heroines are kick-a$$, which I really think is important for young ladies to have as role models.

I think she handled the gender bender very well. Although I agree with you -- why didn't Maude tell her about her period??

I hated and distrusted Roger from the beginning. Ugh! He was just oily and obsequious. Dangerous too.

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Yeah I knew asking that favorites question would be hard, after all the girls are all so different and the characters that come with each series are the best. I just loved Kel's books since reading about her helped me get through bullying of my own. I learned that I shouldn't give in and I should stand my ground.

I like Maude, but I feel she focused to much on the magic and not enough on other important things that both girls and guys should know. I suspect that if Alanna didn't know about puberty then neither did her brother. But I think it was mostly because Pierce wanted to add in a plot device that allowed Alanna to confess her true gender to George and realize that just because she dresses and acts like a boy she really isn't. Kind of like a wake up call.

Roger is super dangerous, his type are the worst. They have everyone wrapped around their little finger and are the hardest to take down. You need proof beyond a reasonably doubt or you end up the bad guy instead.

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