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message 1: by Jahsmyn (new)

Jahsmyn (miss_avid_reader) | 4 comments I love to read! The issue is that I keep running out of books! I am a special education and English teacher by day, but an addict of books by night. I am wanting to read (for free!) anything and everything in the genres of paranormal, supernatural or fantasy. Looking forward to reading. :)

message 2: by Eberton (new)

Eberton Olarte | 4 comments Hi, I am in a process of re-writing a NA Fantasy novel, (63k words - to be lengthened ) and would like to have some fresh eyes looking over it. English is not my mother tongue, so I would appreciate a teacher review.

message 3: by Randy (new)

Randy Smith | 68 comments Hi Jahsmyn, I'm hoping you might be interested in reading my fantasy novel. It's a bit over 115,00- words and completed to the best of my abilities. I'd love to have you read it and maybe give me your thoughts and ideas about it. If you want, I could send it, or even just a quick blurb. Please let me know if you're interested.
Thanks, Randy

message 4: by Jahsmyn (new)

Jahsmyn (miss_avid_reader) | 4 comments I'm happy to read them both depending on the turnaround time you want. Please pm me.

message 5: by Larissa (new)

Larissa Hinton (larissahinton) | 15 comments Just sent you a PM about my book. :)

message 6: by BR (new)

BR Kingsolver (brkingsolver) | 43 comments I have a finished manuscript, sort of a dystopian urban fantasy. 60K. Here is the blurb:

Climate change met nuclear war, and humanity lost. The corporations stepped in, stripping governments of power. Civilization didn’t end, but it became less civilized. There are few rules as corporations jockey for position and control of assets and markets.

Libby is a mutant, one of the top burglars and assassins in the world. For a price, she caters to executives’ secret desires. Eliminate your corporate rival? Deliver a priceless art masterpiece or necklace? Hack into another corporation’s network? Libby’s your girl.

Corporate elites live in their walled estates and skyscraper apartments while the majority of humanity supplies their luxuries. On the bottom level, the mutants, the poor, and the criminals scramble every day just to survive.

But even paradise has its problems. A new drug is killing the elite’s sons and daughters, so the Chamber of Commerce hires Libby to find the source. With millions on the line, the bodies pile up and she finds herself caught between the corporations and the mob.

I'm hoping to get feedback by the end of October. Please let me know if you're interested.

message 7: by Jahsmyn (new)

Jahsmyn (miss_avid_reader) | 4 comments Hi, could you email me a copy of the manuscript please? Also, what kind of feedback are you looking for?

message 8: by Janeal (new)

Janeal Falor | 85 comments Hi Jahsmyn!

I'm looking for a beta reader for my YA fantasy, DEATH'S QUEEN. I'm looking for feedback in general and if there's anything that needs expanded on. Right now it's only 50k words and I'm hoping to get it to 60k. Let me know if you need any further information.


She’s never had a name, and is meant to do nothing but kill. That is, until the day she says “no more.” She decides to take the Death Drink—a beverage that kills anyone who isn't destined to be royalty. Problem is, she drinks it and lives.

Instead of being an assassin, she's the queen of the nation of Valcora. But now, someone else wants her dead. Determined to live now that she has a purpose in watching over her countrymen, she sets out to find out who is sending these assassins. She must use all her training from her previous life to thwart the attacks on her life or else she'll die and never be able to take care of her people.

message 9: by Jahsmyn (new)

Jahsmyn (miss_avid_reader) | 4 comments Hi Janeal,
I currently have a few books in line for me to read, which will take me at least a few weeks. Is time an issue for you?

message 10: by Jenelle (new)

Jenelle Roberts | 4 comments Hi Janeal,

I have one that I am currently reading, but I can also read your book if I am allowed at least two weeks. Is that okay with you?


message 11: by Kevis (new)

Kevis Hendrickson (kevishendrickson) | 130 comments If anyone's looking for a great beta reader, you should contact Jahsmyn. She worked with me on my new urban fantasy book and provided some of the best feedback I've ever gotten from a reader. Character, plot, flow, pacing, prose--she hit all the sweet spots and basically gave me the primer on how to turn my series into a winner. If you haven't got in line yet, you better move fast. I suspect her waiting list is going to get really long when word gets out.

message 12: by Aria (new)

Aria Sparke | 1 comments Hi Jahsmyn
I'm not sure if you're overly taxed now with beta reading demands, but I have a 60K paranormal romance which I'd love you to read. If you have a book you'd like me to read, I'm happy to swap. My email is
P.S. No rush.

message 13: by Martin (last edited Oct 24, 2016 09:26AM) (new)

Martin Elias | 13 comments Hi Jahsmyn
I know your schedule must be clogged by all the requests you must be having. Nevertheless I am going to add my request to your pile.

Humans have become outcasts. Their great kingdom was long lost after the five meleethi races all united against them. The alfari people are now their only shield but their own kingdom is weak, still recovering from the war fought nearly a thousand years ago. Now the great Curse from the lost realms in the north starts to cast its shadow over them all.
Roland, a tavern hand working in a prominent establishment in Erethor, is privileged to enjoy a life far away from cities on the front line like Dar Roha. But his peaceful life gets turned upside down as something happens in the tavern one fateful night.
An anomaly of blinding light and deafening screams produces something from outside this world - a human girl from a place far away and beyond the stars. A place she calls Earth.

Can send the first 10 to 17 chapters (edited). I'd love to get feedback about whether the pacing is friendly to the reader, if the story comes across interesting and if there's anything I should explain better or expand upon.
I am willing to include a reference map which I drew with a graphics board.

I am currently on the process of editing the manuscript for the final draft.

message 14: by Ben (new)

Ben D. | 10 comments Hi Jahsmyn,
I have a contemporary supernatural fiction book.

The Chosen - Convocation
As a member of one of the Imperium’s founding families it was expected of Dacio Thalassa to conform to the way of life typical of an aristocrat. Climbing social & political ladders, finding a Patrician from an equally prestigious family to settle down with and eventually taking over as the head of her house.
Dacio chose self-exile across the river to the southern half of the city. But life in Southside is drastically different than North End. Both the common Plebeians and outcast Dalits have to make due with an underdeveloped and underfunded district.
Dacio’s attempts to bring attention to the miserable living situation has been met with much resistance from her former peers. The most vocal of her opposition is also the only man she’s ever loved.
With the Convocation being hosted in their city Dacio has finally been allowed the chance to speak before the assembled members of the Imperium. But she is faced with a choice: Can she afford to continue to stand for the disenfranchised in the shadow of the growing political strife that threatens to tear her city apart?
Length: 83k words

You can email me at: if you are interested in reading the manuscript!

Thanks for your time!

Ben D

message 15: by Ms. (new)

Ms. Luna | 10 comments I'm the process of rewriting and editing a YA paranormal mystery. It's approx. 83K. It's written from first person POV and is about a girl, Serena, who has to find out who's been killing her family and why, whilst also being forced to discover who she really is.

Message me on GoodReads or contact me @

message 16: by J.Z. (new)

J.Z. (jzfoster) | 8 comments Hello! Would you mind reading my horror / paranormal book?

The gist is that it's about a group of brood parasites (Changelings) that steal children and leave their own to be raised. One of the fathers becomes aware of it and joins a group trying to deal with them.

Let me know if you're interested!

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