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message 1: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments The Oct 2016 Book of the Month with gay main characters is Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda by Becky Albertalli by Becky Albertalli.

This is the place to discuss the book or related topics and post reviews. You may comment at any time from today onward, at your own pace. This thread may therefore contain spoilers, so if you haven't read the book yet, proceed at your own risk.

One option you may choose in commenting is putting discussion of major spoilers into a tag (view spoiler) - this is helpful for those who have not finished the book, although it is not required. To do this put <*spoiler> before the material you wish to hide, and <*/spoiler> afterward, but with the asterisks removed.

I look forward to discussing this book with the group.

message 2: by Jason (new)

Jason (jason_williams) | 732 comments Oh wow, I can't believe this one hasn't bee a BotM before now. I look forward to the discussion.

Linda ~ they got the mustard out! ~ (linda2485) | 337 comments I read this one awhile back and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to the discussion.

message 4: by Cody (new)

Cody Levi (thebookworminme) Excited! I read this already but I've wanted a reason to read it again. Yay!

message 5: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments I really enjoyed this one too.

message 6: by MaWhit (new)

MaWhit  (mawhit) I read (actually listened to) this one yesterday and it was adorable!

message 7: by Iuri (new)

Iuri (iuriau) | 31 comments This is book is the cutest! I've read it a few months ago and loved it so much!

BTW it's one of the few YA LGBT books that has been translated and released here in Brazil.

message 8: by Jason (new)

Jason (jason_williams) | 732 comments I agree with everyone, this one was special. Definitely worthy of a reread.

message 9: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments Iuri wrote: "This is book is the cutest! I've read it a few months ago and loved it so much!

BTW it's one of the few YA LGBT books that has been translated and released here in Brazil."

So cool that it's in translation. I really enjoyed it too.

message 10: by Rez (new)

Rez Delnava (rez_delnava) | 586 comments I maintain that Simon is an alternate dimension me. So many similarities... The only major difference is the choice of extracurricular; I did photography instead of drama. I even own the exact sweater that's shown on the cover...

message 11: by Justin (new)

Justin (justineaton) | 91 comments I just finished this and then noticed it was BOTM. I enjoyed it, and really liked all the characters but i think it is kind of forgettable. There isn't really a romance in it since his conversations with blue are more like a dairy and they aren't getting to know each other or anything, just having each other to talk about things they can't with others. There Really aren't any big conflicts other than the blackmail which doesn't really seem like a big deal in the book, he don't act like he really cares and then doesn't help the guy out at all other than inviting him to waffle house and one party. I guess it just didn't really feel like anything happened.

message 12: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments That's the reading rainbow - what totally works for one of us is meh for someone else.

message 13: by Justin (new)

Justin (justineaton) | 91 comments Yeah, i enjoyed it. It just wasn't my favorite.

message 14: by Elle (new)

Elle (ellexamines) (ellexamines) | 5 comments This book is so cute and I love it a lot. Read it last year actually.

message 15: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments BTW - this book is on sale in ebook at Amazon right now - $1.99 (normally $6.99 I think)

message 16: by M. (last edited Dec 01, 2016 11:50PM) (new)

M. (chellatrix) | 4 comments I read this back in the summer, and remember enjoying it a lot. I have read a bizarre number of similar plots, so making sure all my comments pertain to the right book.

I liked that his father was an ally, but imperfect, having cracked some jokes he wishes he hadn't.

The part I couldn't by is, that with the info he had, he couldn't figure out his secret admirer. I get that's explained by indicating he had his biases that made him not see that possibility. But if I were him, I would literally run through everyone male I knew -- and then it becomes pretty obvious.

message 17: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments [Enter Name Here] wrote: "It was a good book,cute,honest and funny but kind of forgettable.
ps i know it's off topic but i was wondering if "we are the ants" by Shaun David Hutchinson has ever been the BotM."

It was a second place in a poll, but has not yet been a BotM read. We could sure do a buddy read if people are interested. I think it lost by one vote in the poll.

message 18: by Kaje (new)

Kaje Harper | 16566 comments There are so many good books - Hey, I set up a buddy read thread. It was, after all, also a Goodreads Choice awards nominee.

So you can post here and encourage people to read and discuss it:
If there are any cautions about content (like any self-harm, abuse history, on-page notable violence, whatever) it would be great for you to let us know there too, since you've read it. Or to say there are no biggies <3

Buddy Read for We Are the Ants: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/...

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