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Threeway: A Short Novel for a Long Season
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Steven Lubliner | 3 comments "Threeway" is my contemporary dystopian satire of our political and cultural divisions. It gives the business to all sides. I started it well before the current madness, and it has proved sadly prescient.

It's available on Amazon in paperback and on Kindle, and I have also started posting segments on my Goodreads blog with links to Amazon, a good review on Kirkus Reviews, and an article about me. Below is a link to my blog, "What a Preposterous Ottoman," with the book starting from the bottom up. Please feel to read, share, comment, and, of course, buy. Happy to be here. Steve L.


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Jere Krakoff | 1 comments Something Is Rotten in Fettig (Anaphora), my satirical novel about injustices in the criminal justice system, is available on Amazon and elsewhere. Rooted in the prosecution of angst-ridden kosher butcher Leopold Plotkin, the plot is loosely based on my experiences as a civil rights attorney. The first chapter and book reviews are posted on my website: www.jerekrakoff.com.

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