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message 1: by Megan (new)

Megan | 2 comments Hi Everyone,
Looking for New Adult books that center around people who are in college. Just trying to see what everyones favorites are that aren't as common or talked about as much. I feel like I have read a lot of the more popular books and series that are recommended to me. I know there are a ton of great books its just hard to find them sometimes. If possible I don't really want anything too dark. I also really like the unpopular girl meets popular guy aspect but any suggestions are welcome.

message 2: by ~Viktorija~ (new)

~Viktorija~ | 698 comments A Rose By Any Other Name... by Helen Bell Just finished A Rose By Any Other Name by Helen Bell and I definitely enjoyed it.

Also Hooked on the Game by C.M. Owens was pretty good. Hooked on the Game (Sterling Shore, #1) by C.M. Owens

I love some other NA college romances but these are the only two I could think of that aren't as popular.

message 3: by ⊱ Poppy ⊰ (new)

⊱ Poppy ⊰ (poppyreadsalot) | 12 comments Wait for You this series is college based, and its really really good. <3

Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog (picklechic) | 32 comments Deeper (Caroline & West, #1) by Robin York and Harder (Caroline & West, #2) by Robin York are both really good!

Kimberly / Love Notes Book Blog (picklechic) | 32 comments Also... Never Sweeter (Dark Obsession, #2) by Charlotte Stein is good too.

message 6: by Elle (new)

Elle | 4 comments Deeper and Harder by Robin York.

message 7: by Vika (new)

Vika | 42 comments #Nerd

Until Friday Night

Trust in Me

Some light fun reads with the popular guy unpopular girl aspect.

message 8: by Charise (new)

Charise (booksaremypersonaldrugs) | 7 comments I really loved and enjoyed Kristen Callihan's Game-on Series and Elle Kennedy's Off-Campus Series.

message 9: by Cindy (new)

Cindy | 76 comments Sweet home was great. By tillie cole.

Kelly (the book hussy) (kjf914) | 79 comments Cora Carmack has 2 college series that are really good.

Loner State Bibliophile | 4 comments Centered Around College:
Broken and Screwed 2 by Tijan
The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Heroines in College but story doesn't revolve around it:
Monster in His Eyes by JM Darhower
Asher Black by Parker S. Huntington

message 12: by Jessica Solari (new)

Jessica Solari (jsolari5) | 3 comments Beautiful Broken Rules
Beautiful Broken Mess
Beautiful Broken Promises

Hate to Love You

I very much recommend Hate to Love You! I finished the book a week ago and I already miss the characters so much. It was greatly written and you will absolutely fall in love with the main character if college romance is what you're into.

The Beautiful Broken series is also a college romance read with great characters and story lines. If you don't want to read a whole series I would suggest just the first one, "Beautiful Broken Rules".

message 13: by Nicola (new)

Nicola (nikki-lou) | 2115 comments Dearest Clementine (Dearest, #1) by Lex Martin is a great series

message 15: by Su (last edited Oct 19, 2017 06:27PM) (new)

Su (suroor) | 48 comments I would recommend the Bellevue Bullies series by Toni Aleo.
It's a series about three brothers. Each book is a standalone.
It consisted of the following books:
Boarded by Love
Clipped by Love
Hooked by Love
My personal favorite is Hooked by Love. I read this series long back, I don't remember if the heroine is popular or not but the heroes are!

message 16: by Tania (last edited Oct 19, 2017 04:12PM) (new)

Tania Joyce (taniajoyce) If you like college bad boys, I recommend Distractions.

message 17: by Anne (new)

Anne | 25 comments Tania wrote: "If you like college bad boys, I recommend Distractions."

Blurb sounds fun. Added to my TBR.

message 18: by BrownSugar (new)

BrownSugar I loved The Ivy Years Series by Sarina Bowen. This thread has a lot of my favourites!

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