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Laia/Elias or Helene/Elias

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Anish Somani I've finished ATATN and I loved it, but wanted to get some opinions on the romance.IN my opinion, I ship Helene and Elias, (but am perfectly fine if you beg to defer), as I just cannot understand Laia/Elias, as imo they feel like they have 0 chemistry . After finishing it though I get the feeling that Laia/Elias is more likely, as its YA and Helene hasnt been mentioned much, but was wondering what the general opinions on the chances

Tamar for me it's laia elias, but i feel that the author left all options open.

i don't like Helene that much and i can't explain why.

Tanima It seems the author is steering towards Elias and Laia.

And Helene is one of my favorite characters now! I think she will have a more positive role in the future. And I do hope her and Avitas get together because they work really well for each other and it seems he has started caring for her.

Marsya I like Helene but I prefer Elias&Laia and i'm pretty sure that Elias&Laia are the endgame

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