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Croocked Kingdom RANT N SPOILER ALERT!!!X///
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Ok, no need to say I'm big fan of SoC and just finished reading this yesterday and had to make acc here so I can rant about it! Heavy spoiler rant alert! Read on your responsibility!

* deep breath*, so after waiting a yr for sequel day before my Crocked kingdom arrived I end up here reading spoiler that totally freaked me out! so moment I got my book I jump to last chapter regarding spoiler and freaked out because it was true! OMF! I can't believe it! almost throw it out the window! thinking should I read it or not?x,x (this is one of those bitter edge decision where I know I'll feel bad no matter what I do! somehow I read it,,,, so here is my thoughts, and possible future spoilers;

1) Kaz-never liked him much (heavy inspired by Locke Lamore n dr House?x.x:)), but that gift he had for Inej totally bought me!^^ made me think he's not that bad after all! btw was I only one lol reading about his past in SoC? it'so tragi- comic I bet he fabricated it to fit bad boy image! plzz like someone would believe that?! facepalm roll roll future; he should grab inej leg and never let her go if he want to keep his *kingdom* so I bet he'll end up on that ship with her just to keep an eye on her not to go too far! and with terrible seasick?!XD lolz :))

2) Inej-Luv this girl! and that last chapter when we see her sprint to her future is so touching! probably my fav! she deserve all happiness! just hope she could find better than kaz, but who am I to judge other people luv preferences? still no hug no kiss scene in the end? Hm, there is space for that in future lolz :))

3) Wylan-cute n smart! like his story and twist with his mom! and moment when he finally shows his teeth to fight for person he luv is hilarious!^^:)) but trusting Jesper to *read for him is a bad idea! I can see him heartbroken and broke!x,x taged with Jesper back to Kaz asking for some demolition job!:))

4) Jesper- dynamic funny character more likable than kaz with more than one surprise in his sleeves, and that shot totally clear him off all his past mistakes and earn him fresh start!XD but we all know he end up bored moment we close this book and cheating on Wylan behind his back by begging kaz to give him some job to shot out!^^ lolz so I can see them together in some future grisha action!^^ XD ;))

5) Matthias-*sigh deep breath calm down calm down* ok, dear Bardugo, I really hope you're happy with this end because I.M.NOT!X/// seriously?! Adding that stupid twist just for kids in classrooms to talk about what we all already know; pointless deaths caused by fear and stupidity happens all the time in RL! But that's not something I want to see in my fav fic&hate since ff7!X//// even less to my fav OTP!XCCC I'm seriously considering deleting you from my list of fav writers and forgetting there was ever CK!X/// heck, maybe I forget first part as well! But what do I do with whole tsarpunk I fell for so hard thanks to you!x,x do you have any idea how does it feel reading.your.fav.novel. knowing *EVERYONE get happy ending but my OTP got shipwreck!x/// i would wish you the same! EXCEPT NO ONE DESERVES THAT!:/// especially not my OTP!x/// I mean if he had to be killed I would understand if that happen to protect someone from crow but not random!x,x And why bother building up character & adding pet to the story if it'll all end like this?x,x facepalm roll roll

6) Nina- idk what to say,,, (and not rant about it!) my fav character from SoC! Luv all her jokes n quirks! So funny n brave! And WHAT HAPPEN TO HER?x,x like SoC ending wasn't bad enough!x,x NOW THIS?x,x roll and where does this book leave her; jurda parem addict on rehab,, with new messed powers regarding death,,,on a ship,,, with her dead love body,,, and lil shu brat who maybe have or know how to make parem?x,x hm, I know where my brain would go!x,x and if you had to ask I'm up to no good!x,x :)) here are some quotes to back my case; Nina;“How many rules have you broken since you met me? How many laws? They won’t be the last.Nothing about us will ever be proper,” “Not the way we met. Not the life we lead. ”
Matthias;“I have been made to protect you. Even in death, I will find a way.” +someone posted Bardugo response to question why did it end like that was so she can get back to it once more or something like that?!x,x just hope we won't get to see M back as ghost/zombie!x,x knowing they'll had to part again!x,x facepalm roll roll (btw am I only one noticing zombies are new vampires?x,x :)))

7) so fact is this book leaves more than parem questions open, as we don't know where that sec dose M had and supposedly give to Kaz end up?x.x all I know even if Nina don't give a darn about M as Xaddict she would at least check his pockets just in case?! and then on shu boy! and even if that's the story real ending we would get a glimpse of Nina walking alone trough snow saying good bye?!x,x btw about theories she should end up with N as future Ravka Queen I strongly disagree! She's already Queen of Dead/Mourning and another Queen title would be bad taste! And don't think she would fancy her royal duties considering her wild spirit!x,x and Nikolai and her are too much alike! They would be more like siblings that fight all the time! And if you say M was the same NO! IT WOULD BE BAD MOVE TO HAVE SAME LOVE STORY ALL OVER AGAIN! Especially if ending would be same as it wouldn't work!x,x facepalm

8) Dunyasha-hm, interesting character I was surprised to learn more about even she was meant to be villain? am I only one kind of feel sorry for her? Somehow she reminds me of Darkling!x,x and imo her story is too well developed to not be used in the future grishaverse misadventures?!x,x especially considering she's not confirmed death and new route it's taking; zombie?x,x :) or is that just my wishful thinking?x,x lolz :))

9) cast of character at book end is seriously suspicious? I don't remember we had that in previous books? &purposely stating wrong fact about characters we know are alive like Alina & Wylan mom are claimed deceased?x,x and other that end up dead are not M & Dunyasha, only explanation would be that it was supposed to be printed at book start?x,x but even in that case why bothering to add wrong facts when that could easily be left out?x,x also some minor character are mentioned just by nickname but Madeleine Michaud is not on the list?:))

10) who the f* is girl Jesper mom saved/Leoni?x,x maybe I miss something but idk who that grisha girl may be?x,x hm, maybe that's a hint for our next book protagonist!XD :))

in conclusion; even if this may be final book in crow *duology, i have a feeling this story is not over, we'll probably see more of this characters in some future grisha books! Imo next book will be back to grisha main story with Nikolai in it's center struggling to keep his throne n country from fjerda n shu alliance (because they'll eventually find out Kuwei is alive in Ravka! And with number of grisha they have, they'll had to sum 2+2 and conclude they had to act before those parem grisha wreck rest of the world!XD btw imo Council of Tide could easily flood them all long time ago and spare us the hussle!XD lolz :) and some new young characters/love pairing will be introduced to fight new dark evil forces arising with grisha new povers?!^^ :))

looking forward to read about that n see how good my guess was!^^ lolz :))

And with that I close my case!^^ feel free to disagree!^^ rant over, n steam out!^^ ;))

OMGOSH I was so pissed about Matthias too! His death was so unnecessary and downright heartbreaking. He was the last of good men. And how he met her on the docks with the last of he energy. A moment of silence please....

How the hell is Nina gonna get closure? How is she even gonna bury him in his homeland and not get killed? What will come of her now? Who is gonna bring his death justice? So many questions.

@Cid loved the rant dude! It was epic.

To clear up some confusion. The Glossary of the names is Before the book Crooked Kingdom, Not after the book Crooked Kingdom. I had the same confusion but after analyzing the dead people and the people who are still living everything about the Glossary matched up to the knowledge we had acquired in Six of Crows. Like for example wylan’s mother is dead because before Crooked Kingdom Wylan assumed her mother was dead. Hopefully this helped you to clear some misconceptions about it.

Honestly, I thought the death of Matthias was not surprising. In the beginning, the only reason he went on the quest was because Nina wanted him to.

It was sad that’s all I have to Say.

Cid wrote: "Ok, no need to say I'm big fan of SoC and just finished reading this yesterday and had to make acc here so I can rant about it! Heavy spoiler rant alert! Read on your responsibility!

* deep breat..."

UMMMM do you know how cheesy it would be if ALL of the SOC characters lived?! and Matthias' death was NOT pointless.

U 25x33
Cid mmm, cheesy is still cheesy even if NO one live?xD guess it's not exactly pointless as *Spoiler alert* it serves role in King of Scars storyarc?x,x fa ...more
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Stephanie I don't think it would be cheesy. She said so herself that the he had been sacrificing himself throughout the whole book. I feel like he deserved bett ...more
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