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message 1: by Ms. (new)

Ms. Sayre (mssayre) | 3 comments Mod
If your book was a movie, what would be the opening scene? Make sure you tell us the title of the book.

message 2: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Baclawski | 1 comments I think the opening scene for my book would be showing A in a bunch of bodies he's been through his life and explanning who he is and what's happening with his life. Then he would wake up being Justin and tell about his whole day with Rhiannon.

message 3: by Iririan (new)

Iririan | 1 comments If Jumping off swings was a movie it's opening would start off by the main character ( Ellie) talking to her older daughter who needs to know the truth about how she came into this world so she won't make the same mistakes that Ellie made when she was a teenager.

message 4: by Nigh (new)

Nigh Hardrict | 2 comments My book is titled, "Wool". It was written by Hugh Howey. My opening scene would probably be just a close up of their environment so that audience can see before anything even happens, how desolate the outside world is .

message 5: by Arika (new)

Arika | 1 comments If the book "Tepest" by Julie Cross was a movie the opening scene would start off at a Zoo. The main character Jackson would be at a zoo with his friend Adam and his girlfriend Holly taking care of a day camp. It is a sunny day and Adam is making Jackson time travel back 5 minutes to see if the girl in the gift shop will remeber him when he comes back from the past. When Jackson returns from his time jump he goes back in the gift shop and the girl behind the counter doesn't remeber him just like Adam predicted. All of the sudden the clouds turn dark and it starts to rain Jackson, Adam, and Holly run to get all of the kids on the bus but Jackson stops because he thinks he sees his twin sister that died when they were 8.

message 6: by Katherine (new)

Katherine | 1 comments I'm reading the book "we were liars." I think the opening scene of the movie would be showing the main character, Cady, hanging out with her whole family down at the beach house where the book takes place. It would show th relationships between the family and how they act around each other.

message 7: by Patryk (new)

Patryk Wisniowski | 1 comments The title of my book is "Independent Study" and is written by Joelle Charbonneau and the opening scene would be a group of teens bieng sent of the different categories like Government or Engineering and friends bieng split apart because they werent placed in the groups they wanted to be in.

message 8: by Jazlyn (new)

Jazlyn | 1 comments My book is "Second Star." The opening scene would be a girl and her family in their house by the beach.

message 9: by Tim (new)

Tim | 1 comments The living by Matt De la Peña would most likely start off with the main charecter being woken up by one of his crew members. Showing the cruise ship that he works on. Or it could start off a little bit more dramatically by showing the big wave that eventually destroys the ship.

message 10: by Kenia (new)

Kenia Garcia | 1 comments My book is titled "Try Not To Breathe" by Jennifer R. Hubbard. The opening scene for this would be a young teenage boy standing by a waterfall thinking of his past and explaining his feelings.

message 11: by Ryan (new)

Ryan | 1 comments If The Kill Order was a movie, the opening scene would be the main characters on top of the application mountains surviving from the sun flares that had fallen on the earth, and the tsunami's that have destroyed everything.

message 12: by Diego (new)

Diego | 1 comments The opening scene to the book "Narc" if it were a movie would start with the main character Aaron driving with his younger sister Haylie, only to be stopped by the cops for speeding. Both of them were searched and it was found that Haylie was carrying weed with her; Aaron takes the blame for her and in exchange he would work undercover to stop the inflow of drugs into a Miami high school.

message 13: by Arturo (new)

Arturo Laureano | 1 comments My book is titled Monument 14 and it is the first book in the series. If the books where made into a movie the opening scene would be of the two main characters getting ready for school , not knowing that they will be part of a natural disaster

message 14: by Jbrito8169 (new)

Jbrito8169 | 1 comments If the book, "Unwind" was a movie, it would show a war occurring and ending with a new law for teenagers for the opening

message 15: by Sabino (new)

Sabino Prestia | 1 comments If the book "Pop" by Gordon Korman was a movie the opening scene would be a kid (Marcus) in high school going to a park to practice football, and he meets an older guy (Charlie) there that helps him train.

message 16: by Simona (new)

Simona Rangelova | 1 comments My book' title is " The Summer I Turned Pretty" by Jenny Han. If my book was a movie, the opening scene would be two close families staying on an island in the summer. The main character "Flavia" would be the youngest from all, and everyone would be joking with her about boys. Then, she would find her first boyfriend, and realize at that time how beautiful she is. He is really smart and good guy, and her close friends from the island would do anything to get her attention away from her boyfriend, but she argues with them. The main reason behind the jokes is that her closest family friend likes her.

message 17: by Joey (new)

Joey | 1 comments The title of my book is, "Rudy". If my book was a movie, the opening scene would be, Rudy on the bus on his way home from the white sox game.

message 18: by Felix (new)

Felix Huicochea | 1 comments I think the opening scene for my book would be where the magicians are fighting for the power of the weirdstone or start discussing about what's going to happen with that power,, because that's the main problem, then the movie will show how it started and how it will end. My book is dragons heir by Williams Chima.

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