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message 1: by Hallie (last edited Oct 07, 2016 06:20AM) (new)

Hallie (inkyhallie)

Presenting the October Poetry Writing Contest! For this, you will need to go Edgar Allan Poe and write a scary poem.

There is no limit of stanzas, nor should it follow any rhyming scheme. Post your entries in this thread before the 20th of this month. A poll will be put up later to decide the results.

Don't forget to check out the October Short Story Writing Contest!

message 2: by Kikki (last edited Oct 16, 2016 11:39AM) (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) | 160 comments I got bored and made a poem too
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message 3: by Hallie (new)

Hallie (inkyhallie) I like this :)

message 4: by Kikki (new)

Kikki (kikki-not-kiki) | 160 comments heh thanks, I wasn't sure if it was any good or not

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