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message 1: by Manon , Fallen Angel (Hush Hush CRAZY!!) (new)

Manon  Blackbeak | 618 comments Mod
I was just curious as to if you guys have any pet peeves that relate to reading or books in general?
I am completely against dog-earing book pages. Grr, that irritates me to no ends.
Also, anytime someone asks me to borrow a book, I inwardly cringe and the entire time they have it I am worrying about whether or not it will be in perfect shape when I get it back. Which is also one of the reasons why I refrain from lending my books.
I also hate it when one of my books gets creased or damaged even a tiny bit!! It annoys me so much.

message 2: by Bethany ♡ (new)

Bethany ♡ (bfmmcdermott) | 30 comments People eating

message 3: by Bethany ♡ (new)

Bethany ♡ (bfmmcdermott) | 30 comments Any messy work in my book/folder at school

message 4: by Rainshadow, Second (new)

Rainshadow (Rainshadow390) | 338 comments Mod
I ABSOLUTELY hate it when my cats destroy my books.....yes they start chewing the covers...

Also I hate it when the book has dog ears or writing in them, makes me somewhat sad, they don't need to be written in them theres a notebook for that.

Any damage for any book really.

Bookcrazy ~ So what? I'm still a rock star~ | 1098 comments Mod
Spine cracked on a book. You should see them after my brother reads them...

message 6: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 6 comments I am so picky. I don't like anyone reading my books but me. I like them to look brand-new all the time. I will say though, a broken spine is the worst.

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