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Who is Elena Ferrante

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Rod Raglin Who Is Elena Ferrante? Supporters Say NOYB

When you read a book do you want to know about the author? Does it change the reading experience for you?

Goodreads seems to think it is vitally important that authors connect with readers. They encourage this kind of relationship with such vehicles as "Questions to the author".

This, of course, enhances participation in their site but does it sell books? A good book is a good book - does it matter if it is a total figment of the author's imagination or a thinly veiled autobiography?


Randi I think they're two different things. It's fun and probably does help sell books when an author puts themselves out there.

However, I don't think it diminishes the quality or credibility of the book when the author, is like Ferrrante, and wants to remain "anonymous." I'm surprised that Ferrante isn't someone who was born a poor Neapolitan, but the middle class child of
Holocaust survivors. I had assumed that she had drawn from her own experience, especially the running themes of class discrimination. However, I still really love those books, wherever she drew her information from.

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Rod Raglin Thanks for your opinion, Randi, but I'm curious. You say you think fiction as a thinly veiled biography is different from fiction that is totally imaginary. How so?

Had you known Ferrante was the middle class child of Holocaust survivors (still yet to be proven, I believe) rather than born a poor Neapolitan would her books have had less appeal for you?

Randi No, not less appealing. Her writing was extremely compelling. I do think a small part of me wanted to believe I was reading the writing of the real Elena, but that is naive of me. Authors have always created characters far different than themselves.

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