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 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 15 comments I'll post the description and the chapters tomorrow, and the book cover tomorrow it's late and I'm about to sleep soon

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 Alex ~They/them~ ~Annabeth Chase and Alex Fierro are the best~ (percybluefood) | 15 comments Description:

Lucina Summers's life used to be so normal, until one day her father left when she was twelve. After her father left, she and her mother grew close to each other. She barely had any friends at her school. But one day, she came home to find her mother dead, and a boy next to her mother, with a letter in his hands. The boy is named Ty Bowens, and he is a Mage, and attends a school named "The Mage Academy". He told Lucina, that she is a Mage too, and that he was sent by the headmaster of The Mage Academy, to get her. He also told her the reason for her mother's death. Her mother was killed by a Dark Mage, known as Zadimus. When Lucina walked into The Mage Academy for the first time, she was immediately filled with wonder and joy. The Mage Academy is a school full of Mages. There are different types of Mages. There are, Fire Mages, Ice Mages, Water Mages, Air Mages, Earth Mages, Dark Mages, and Mages with all six of the abilities. However, the Mages with all six of the abilities, are very rare and very powerful, and they are being hunt down by a Dark Mage. Lucina, is one of the rare Mages, and the Dark Mage, that killed her mother, is after her.

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