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River of Stars (Under Heaven, #2)
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annapi | 4916 comments Guy Gavriel Kay's formula for most of his books is to introduce his many diverse characters one by one, confuse you with what exactly is going on, and then keep your attention with his compelling prose while he slowly unfolds the tapestry before you, little by little revealing the connections between the players on his chessboard. Yes, I'm aware I'm mixing my metaphors but that's just how he makes me feel, with the complexity of his epic tales.

This book is based on the Chinese Song dynasty, but as tempted as I am to call this historical fiction, it really is fantasy since the world he created is not the one in our history. This particular book also includes a touch of magical realism, quite deftly done. It doesn't pack the "punch" that I need to give it a full 5 stars, but I was very impressed with the depth and breadth of its scope. Those who want to try his writing should know that it is not light reading, but it's not ponderous either, quite enjoyable, and highly recommended.

Jgrace | 2762 comments I liked this one, but not as much as Under Heaven. I've read five of his books so far and I've liked all of them. You're right that it's not exactly light reading. You have to give it your full attention, but he's always entertaining.

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