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message 1: by S.F. (new)

S.F. Kyd | 3 comments I have a complete draft of a short (58k) mixed-genre novel: contemporary crime fiction becoming fantasy with elements drawn from Norse myth and a strong romance component. Considerable violence, R-rated sex. Here is a short blurb:

A month after a horrific mass killing, bank teller Amelia Freitag finds herself in possession of an unusual psychic ability: everyone she meets compulsively tells her precisely what is on their minds. When the police decide to exploit Amelia’s ability to trap the killer, they set her on a course that will lead to more bloodshed, forbidden love, and a rendezvous with the last of the Norse gods.

In return for a reading, I'd be glad to read either a complete novel of comparable length or follow along chapter-by-chapter as you write. If all goes well, I'd be interested in an ongoing CP relationship. Am interested in many genres, including fantasy, romance, mystery, action/adventure, SF.

About me: I'm an academic in my sixties. I've been writing for publication all my life, but I've only been trying my hand at fiction for the last couple of years. I produce very clean copy but am nervous about plotting, pace, characterization, etc. As I teach literature and have many years of experience commenting on graduate and undergraduate papers, I'm a good critic and a good editor and can turn work around pretty quickly.

message 2: by Spy (new)

Spy Glass | 16 comments Sounds interesting. I would be willing to beta read for you. Email me if interested.

message 3: by S.F. (new)

S.F. Kyd | 3 comments Thanks, Spy: I'll write to you.

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