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What's Buried Beneath (Memories #1)
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Melissa Silvey (msilveywrites) | 16 comments How can one relationship, one person, one evening, change your entire life?

Trigger warnings AND 18+

"What's Buried Beneath"
Caught between two men... Between her past and her future.
Chelsea is the victim of a horrible accident, one that steals the last four years worth of her memories. She's deeply attracted to her doctor, Aaron Efron. But there's another man whom she's had a forbidden crush on, and no matter how hard she tries, she can't shake her attraction to him. He's her boss, the gorgeous but unobtainable Thorn O'Brien.
There's another mysterious man lingering in the shadows, one who threatens her happiness with either man she chooses.

Told in close first person, from Chelsea's POV. 71k words. Is anyone interested in beta reading this romantic suspense novel?

Due to scenes of an adult nature, please 18+ only.
Thank you!

message 2: by Donna (new)

Donna Hokanson | 14 comments What time frame are you looking at?

Melissa Silvey (msilveywrites) | 16 comments No time frame. Book 2 is about 3/4 finished so I am looking for betas for 1 before publishing to Amazon.

Thanks for your interest.

message 4: by Donna (new)

Donna Hokanson | 14 comments I have several beta and proofs to read on my plate right now but could check it out in about two weeks from now. Sounds interesting. Email me if that works for you.

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