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message 2: by [deleted user] (new) this one seems suspect too

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Arenda | 20171 comments Both moved from his profile

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SK made this blog post today.

I moved all those books he listed individually to Stephen^^King but I noticed that many of the "other versions" of the book now have Stephen L. King even thought the cover image doesn't.


Should I add the "L." and combine the books?
Do I have to leave the Stephen^^King version also?

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Paula (paulaan) | 7027 comments GR Policy is to use the initial if the author chooses to publish that way. Disambiguation otherwise should be by spaces. In general the author needs to request the addition of an initial, if they do not publish the initial on the book cover

ALSO NOTE: If an author has a common name, they may choose to differentiate their names from other authors in the database in other ways. Acceptable options include:

* inserting a middle initial or middle name
* lengthening a first initial to a full first name

These minor changes are accepted practice for ease of maintaining accurate book lists on each author profile.

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So if I wanted to clean it up, I would add Stephen^^King to the books that are under Stephen L. King and combine them on the ^^ profile?

It looks like amazon has some of them listed as Stephen L. King even though the cover doesn't.

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