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Savanna Gren Book review 1
Savanna Gren
The Outsiders
A group of boys who live in the lower class part of town got in some trouble and killed one of the high class. They ran away and lived in an old church. The church burned down while the were gone to get food. There was kids inside, the two boys saved all the children inside but johnny died.
Cigarettes, hair grease, fancy cars and weapons played big parts in this book. The greasers or the lower class kids always smoked, they thought it made them look tough. Their hair grease plays a bigger part because that's what makes them greasers. They also think that the long, slick back, greased up hair makes them look tough too, they would always get call grease balls for it. The fancy cars symbolizes the Soc’s. They were the rich kids who could do and get whatever they wanted. They always jumped the greasers and that's why weapons also play a big roll. Greasers would have to carry around knives to protect themselves sometimes they would have to improvise and use broken bottles or other things lying on the ground..
The setting is big if the setting changed the whole book would have to change. The book takes place in 1965 Tulsa, Oklahoma, if the book took place in modern times in New York City everything would change. The greasers would get cyber bullied. The clothes and cars would be really different instead of board shorts and polos the Soc’s would be wearing skinny jeans, yeezys and baggy shirts. They probably wouldn't even have cars they would just take ubers but if they did they would be Teslas that drives itself.
I really love this book because it is so detailed the way Hinton writes and she was only 16 when she wrote this. It's so emotional too and it knows how to grab your attention. You get so close to the characters and you feel for them. The part where Johnny dies really takes your breath away. It’s so emotional and detailed. This is by far my favorite book i have ever read.

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