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2016 Weekly checkins > Week 40: 9/30-10/6

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message 1: by Juanita (new)

Juanita (juanitav) | 723 comments Greetings from Atlanta friends and fellow readers! More specifically, greetings from the Harstfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport where I am killing time until my 3 pm flight having been thwarted in my attempt to make an earlier flight. #imnotbitter #yesiam

Here we are at week 40! Only 12 more reading weeks in the year. How in the heck did that happen?

I have no progress for the week. I've been reading my book club pick which doesn't fit a prompt for me. I remain at 36/41. I think I'm going to find some short and sweet books to knock a few prompts out this month. Last year, I had to read three books in three days to finish the challenge by 12/31 (even though I had exceeded my reading goal the books didn't always fit a prompt.)

Question of the week: Do you like to keep your books organized? And, if so, how?
BK (before kids), I was pretty obsessive about my book shelves. They are mostly in the way that the library I worked in and the book store I worked in was organized. Genre, then alphabetical by author and then chronological if multiples by the same author.

AK (after kids), I have books all over the place. And my kids do not share my preference for keeping bookshelves neat so it's a toss up.

I do have my Kindle organized in collections with all the YA in one folder/collection and biographies in another.

Let me hear from you. I certainly need something to do while sitting in the airport. ;-)

message 2: by Sara (new)

Sara | 1508 comments On the bright side, hanging out in the airport all day means extra reading time! I do hope the time flies by, and tell those airline workers to get their act together! :)

I have made some progress this week. I finished these three books that all work for the challenge:

Northanger Abbey for my second satire book. I have to confess that I don't really absorb Austen's stories very well on the first read through. The second time, when I understand where the story is going, I usually pick up much more of the humor in her writing. This was a first read through so I will have to add it back to the to-read list in the future.

Classic Love Poems - for my second poetry book. This was a 22 minute audiobook! I am not a poetry lover so that was plenty for me. Richard Armitage narrating was lovely though.

The Little Prince for my second book translated to English (from the French).

I have shuffled some books around and managed to fill a few gaps with things I have already read this year.

This puts me at 40/41 for set one and 29/41 for set 2 (69/82 total). I also met my yearly reading goal this week (75 books). I expected to read more, but I would rather make a conservative goal that I can surpass :)

I am working on the following:

Decision Points for my first political memoir. I'm about halfway through it.
Jane Eyre - rereading as part of a facebook group October read. Probably won't use it for a prompt though.
The Snow Child for my second fairy tale.
North and South for my second book that's 100 years older than me
America's First Daughter - for my second book set in my home state (Virginia)

I really need to hustle to get all the books read by the end of the year, but I'm making good progress on everything now.

Question of the week: My books are haphazardly stored right now. When I moved last year my lovely bookshelf was broken in transit. I have one small bookshelf with random stacks of books all over the house (and several boxes stored in my parents basement for now!). I could go buy a cheap bookshelf, but I'd really like to save up the money for some nice wooden shelves. Once I have shelves again I will probably sort by type, though I do love those shelves sorted by color! My Kindle is a hot mess. No order whatsoever. If it didn't take so long to move everything around I would be more inclined to sorting them.

message 3: by Lindi (last edited Oct 06, 2016 09:20AM) (new)

Lindi (lindimarie) I agree with Sara, so much extra reading time!

I'm finally making more progress and have finished two books this week. Instead of casually reading throughout the year it seems I have started the year strong, and I will end the year strong. I'm now at 20/41, so I really have to hustle.

The Girl With the Lower Back Tattoo for a book published in 2016. If you're a fan of Amy's at all, I implore you to read this. It was the perfect mix of funny and serious, with essays ranging from her only one night stand to her father's struggle with MS, her complicated relationship with her mother, and gun violence.

It's Not Okay for Popsugar's Fall reading challenge - a celebrity memoir. I admit I read this simply because I wanted to know what Andi had written about Josh and Nick. Any Bachelor fans out there? It was such a quick read I don't regret picking this up, even though Andi came off as incredibly materialistic and narcissistic. The bits about the filming of the show and her relationship were interesting however.

I'm still working on 11/22/63 for my science fiction and another historical fiction mystery that I hope can fit in a prompt.

Question of the week: Do you like to keep your books organized? And, if so, how?
After purging my physical books a few years ago and only keeping my favorites, I keep them all on one bookshelf color-coordinated. The one exception being my Harry Potter books which deserve their own shelf.
Most books/e-books I get from the library so I keep my kindle pretty empty. Any e-book purchases I do make are usually deleted unless I really liked it/plan on reading it again.

message 4: by Charlotte (new)

Charlotte Weber | 264 comments I am at 35/41. I finished The Walking Dead, Compendium 2 for my graphic novel. I enjoy these comics but it's the rare occurrence where I prefer the show to the book. More opportunity for character development and Daryl Dixon.

QOTW: I have three bookcases (not counting my daughter's books) and I have a unique system. I sort them by series/author for the most part. My favorite books go on my favorite bookcase where they can be prominently displayed. Otherwise I sort them by hardback and paperback then by genre or where they fit on the shelf. Some of my shelves are two deep but I have a finely honed system that I keep intact every time I move. I didn't even know you could sort Kindle books into different collections so that's something I will definitely need to check out.

message 5: by Fannie (new)

Fannie D'Ascola | 418 comments Bonjour à tous,

Last week I finished Prelude to Foundation for the prequel prompt. I will not read Foundation again since I read it last December.

I am now readind a classic from 20th century (again, after my first failed attempt with 100 years of solitude): The Neverending Story. It was my favorite movie growing up and I am very happy about how the book is turning out so far.

QOTW: I have 3 bookshelves if I don't count the small one in my children's bedroom.

One is dedicated to my books of science fiction/fantasy. In author's name order. The second one is for ''classical'' books and québécois books. The third one is mostly for non-fiction and kids books.

message 6: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Holbrook (jessicalh08) | 88 comments I finished one book this week putting me at 32/41, getting so close to completing!

I read Hate That Cat for my book of poetry. I read Love That Dog for one of my Children's Literature classes in college and loved it. I found out there was a second in the series, and the poetry prompt was the perfect reason to read it!

I have two small bookshelves right now that are packed full. I still live in my parents house and my space is limited and I have no room for anymore shelves. Since I don't buy many books (I work at my local library and get most from there) this isn't to much of a problem. I don't organize them in any particular way, but I do like to keep authors and series books next to each other at the very least. I might organize them a bit more when I'm able to move out and get some bookshelves with more space!

message 7: by Megan (new)

Megan (mghrt06) | 540 comments Hello! Another week gone by - I can't believe it! I read one thing and had a re-read. Neither of these filled popsugar prompts but I'm using both for around the year (yes, even the re-read: bending my personal rules a little bit). I'm at 34/41 for popsugar and 34/52 for around the year. I took inventory of both remaining challenge prompts this morning in preparation of this check-in while having my morning coffee and I need to make sure that every remaining book I read this year can tick off a prompt. Otherwise there's no chance for me to finish both challenges.

What I read:

The Stranger was used for classic under 200 pages. I can't particularly say I enjoyed this one. I listened to the audio version.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone - Re-read this illustrated edition that was released last year in preparation of Chamber of Secrets illustrated edition that is being released this year. Which, I got the Amazon shipping email - my copy will be here this weekend! I can't wait. I enjoy the illustrations and, well, it's Harry Potter so as if I need an excuse to re-read them.

QOTW I went through a book purge when my fiance moved in earlier this year. Any book I knew I wasn't going to re-read I got rid of. So now my bookshelf is for all my favorite books. And I have one shelf of books that are unread. Now, when I know I'm not going to re-read it goes right in the goodwill box.

message 8: by Kathy (new)

Kathy I'm at 30/41. I finished four books this week, three for PopSugar, one for Around the Year.

For PopSugar:

A Caribbean Mystery by Agatha Christie was used for a book set on an island. This is a Miss Marple mystery and was good as usual. 4 stars

Parchment and Old Lace by Laura Childs, I read for the first book you see in a bookstore. It's a pleasant cozy mystery, part of the Scrapbooking Mysteries. Set in New Orleans. 3 stars

Good Morning, Midnight by Lily Brooks-Dalton. I read this for the dystopian novel. It was so good. And fairly short - 272 pages. 5 stars

For Around the Year:

Dead Wake: The Last Crossing of the Lusitania by Erik Larson for a book about a world event. This book reads like a novel. 4 stars

QOTW: My books are arranged alphabetical by author for fiction, and into subject areas for nonfiction. I'm thinking of changing my fiction to arrangement by genre. For ebooks, I use the Kindle App on my iPad and arrange alphabetically also. I delete those books I won't re-read.

message 9: by poshpenny (new)

poshpenny | 1773 comments I finished two audiobooks but neither for this challenge. I'm still at 29/41.

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul is the second Dirk Gently book, which I used for the Popsugar Fall Challenge book and its sequel.

I just finished The Utterly Uninteresting and Unadventurous Tales of Fred, the Vampire Accountant because, come on, how can you not want to read a book with a title like that? Especially in October. It was fun.

I made actual progress on my dystopian, Station Eleven.

Next up I think I'll go with I Am Malala: The Story of the Girl Who Stood Up for Education and Was Shot by the Taliban, which will be my be my unfamiliar culture book.

QOTW: I like to keep books near others that I feel go together. Usually that will be by genre, mostly. Series are together, Dracula is next to Frankenstein, anything related to Sherlock Holmes/Doyle is together, my TBR for this challenge is in a stack.

message 10: by Nadine in NY (new)

Nadine in NY Jones | 5901 comments Mod
I hope you made it home safely!

This week I finished three books that I didn't really love: two romances and a classic novel.

Sweet Little Lies - I love Jill Shalvis and I was really looking forward to this new one, and I was disappointed. It was okay but it felt forced.

An American in Scotland - I bought this on a whim on sale from Amazon Kindle - it was pretty trite.

Thérèse Raquin by Emile Zola - I listened to this audiobook because I'd read that Kate Winslet reads it. But the edition on Overdrive was NOT Kate Winslet. I didn't really love the reader, I didn't love the writing, but the story was pretty interesting. If Wuthering Heights met Crime and Punishment in a damp place, you would get this story.

QOTW: no, my books are all over the place. I only have two bookshelves, and that's not nearly enough, plus my kids (and my mother, when she visits and pulls out books to read) have completely rearranged everything. There are random piles throughout my house, including a row of paperbacks along my bedroom wall. This is why I rarely buy books - I know I have no place to keep them!

I also have no idea how to organize my Kindle books - I'm thinking maybe that option is not available for me? I used to have a Kindle Fire, but it died, and now I mostly read on my iPhone or iPad, and my books are mostly stored in "the cloud" because neither my phone nor my tablet have any memory to spare. Of course, there are hundreds of books that are still technically stored on my Kindle too.

Thegirlintheafternoon Still at 36/41 for this challenge. I managed to hit the halfway point on The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream last night, so hopefully I'll have it finished before the election, ha.

I did finish 2 books this week, though!

There Once Lived a Woman Who Tried to Kill Her Neighbor's Baby: Scary Fairy Tales for Around the Year's "fairy tale from a culture other than your own" prompt, which was a pretty awesome pre-Halloween read.

Lolly Willowes for Bustle Reads' "book by a modernist woman writer" prompt, which wasn't for me, though I see why it's considered a minor classic.

QOTW: I did a huge book purge about a year and a half ago, so now I just have a few: one shelf of books that are special to me in some way, a few stacks of ones that I mean to read, and the ones I keep because I like the covers and I use them as artwork.

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