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message 1: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) Stumbled across this item on the CBC website:

Drew Hayden Taylor on why we need Indigenous science fiction

message 2: by Maria (new)

Maria C | 2 comments Feel compelled to post this link too. Not really Science fiction per se. More science non-fiction. But what a story!

message 3: by Megan (new)

Megan Baxter | 277 comments Mod
Hmm! I haven't read any Taylor's stuff - sounds intriguing!

message 4: by Latoya (new)

Latoya Great stories will come out of indigenous community! Sci fi and many others.

message 5: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) It can only make any fiction better the more points of view we use.

message 6: by Kirsten (new)

Kirsten  (kmcripn) More on indigenous science fiction from the CBC:

Indigenous Reads: Drew Hayden Taylor blends science fiction with Indigenous story

message 7: by Royce (last edited Dec 04, 2016 07:48AM) (new)

Royce Sears (royce_sears) | 9 comments I have been a fan of science fiction since I was very young. From Gene Roddenberry's image of what the future might hold to the worst possible post-apocalyptic outcomes imaginable, I love it all! One of the more memorable books was The Haunted Mesa ,for all intents and purposes it was classified as a western but I considered it more science fiction than anything.

Louis L'amour addressed the disappearance of the Anasazi tribe in the novel, explaining it as interdimensional travel. This was the only indigenous science fiction book I've ever read, but I fell in love with it. I've always asked myself why aren't there more indigenous science fiction novels out there? So I decided to write my own a couple years ago, after being introduced to the Anishinabe Prophecy of the Seven Fires. I fell in love with the story and it became the central theme of my novel Prophecies of the New World

Admittedly, I am not familiar with Drew Hayden Taylor's novels, but they are added to my TBR list! Thank you for sharing this!

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