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message 1: by Neža (new)

Neža Dear booklovers!I was delighetd when I found this group because it has helped me find many interesting books to read, as I am keen on the topic of feminism. Now I seek some help.
I study English literature and the next step is to write an MA thesis. As my topic I chose postfeminist critique of English or American contemporary literature. Now what I need is a book to dissect. Have you read or heard about a recent book that promotes supermoms isntead of warning against unequally distributed home work? Or a heroine who is in fact too preoccupied with her love life and appearance to see that society has made women focus on superficial matters rather than serious problems?
The book should be really quite new (post 2010) to show that entertainment still hasn't fully embraced the need for equality and is stuck to traditional gender roles. Mind you, it could also be chic-lit, but then it should be the best (or the worst) example of its genre.
Any suggestion, recommendation, opinion, thought is welcome.
Hope you are all well!

message 2: by Sherrie (new)

Sherrie | 184 comments This is a really interesting idea! I'll try to think of book suggestions, but I'm looking forward to hearing what other people come up with.

message 3: by Ross (new)

Ross | 1444 comments Interesting idea and will give it some thought. The topic did make me think about a side bar classic stories being revamped, such has the TV show Elementary where Sherlock homes is moved to the present and Watson is reinvisioned as a woman. Could this be done for other stories.

But I digress more on the topic modern tails have female protagonist but with the notable exception of Hermione Granger they can seem to be substitutes simply putting women in place of men with no real appreciation of the difference between them.

In the real world women have and do all the things men do, from art to science, politics to war. But the often do them differently fiction should reflect this diffrent but equal approach.

message 4: by Gerd (last edited Oct 14, 2016 07:57AM) (new)

Gerd | 428 comments Not quite sure what kind of novels you seek?
Something more pro-feminist or something more backwards?

I do remember reading a dreadfully bad romance novel, a not too dated one, which I'm not sure if it was Harlequin but was at least of the Harlequin style, which seemed all kinds of wrong to me. The "best" part of it was a miracle operation at the end of the story to allow the female lead to become pregnant although it was pronounced impossible throughout the book due to medical circumstances... this really had all the story drive you'd expect from something written some fifty years ago.

Unfortunately this staggeringly stupid end is all Ieft I remember at the moment, but should it cross my way again - it must be somewhere buried in my eLibrary - I give you the author/title if that could be something for you.

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