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America Again

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Jesse Brown America Again (RE-Becoming The Greatness We Never Weren’t is a book by stephen Colbert that Stephen Colbert is a very funny comedian that i enjoy a lot. I like to hear his jokes about politics because I think a lot of things in politics are silly and funny. I also like how Stephen Colbert is able to make a point of what he wants and where he stands in politics, but still be a comedian and make jokes with his political standpoints. I find it very influential to me and others who can learn about politics and other world issues through entertainment. I laugh at least one through every page and I find it a book that's easy to read because I enjoy it so much. Even though the book is a few years old, it has many current politicians in it and it still brings up topics of relevance. I also enjoy the 3D glasses the book comes with to see some of the pictures in it that are 3D.

Latoya I laughed but also shook my head many times. America needs to take a long look in the mirror.

He narrates his audiobook :) and of course its good!

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