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*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 260 comments After a long day of flying, Hurricane was exhausted, but he was to excited to care. He touched down silently behind a large rock, Misty right behind him.
"So?" He asked. "What should we do first?"

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MixItUp! Misty folded her wings, she was still sort of excited and almost not tired at all. "Well" her tail swept the ground, glancing around. Many Skywings were too busy to really notice them. She glanced around, there seemed to be a lot of stores. Misty ducked behind a bush, pulling a velvet bag of jewels. "If you're ever low on coins, dragons always like to leave private gems in bushes for when they go shopping, just go they aren't robbed"

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*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 260 comments Hurricane smiled back at her, and showed her the pair of pouches in his own talons.
"I know." he said "Theivery is totally my thing"

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MixItUp! Misty laughed, "Really? I didn't noticed!" she teased. She glanced in the bag of jewels, "Alright, we have some rubies, sapphires, jades hmmm" Misty glanced at the bags he had and smiled, "Won't the owner of this bag be angry when he comes back!"

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*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 260 comments Hurricane smiled back at Misty.
"So, what are we waiting for?"

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MixItUp! "Nothing!" Misty darted away, tightly closing the bag of jewels so no jewels would fall out. There were many trader posts and items, some scrolls, food that in her opinion, looked like it would make a dragon poisoned. "So many things to get!"

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*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 260 comments Hurricane followed Misty into the village, letting her lead the way.

(I don't know where to go... You choose!)

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MixItUp! ((Well, depends where you want to take this adventure, go shopping XDDDDD or meet some dragons and other people can come in. I also have the Queen of Skywings maybe, can't remember if it's this group or the other XDDDDDD))

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*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 260 comments ((Let's get them in trouble...))

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MixItUp! ((Nvm about the queen :P))

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MixItUp! ((Hmm, they should but Vold isn't on so we might have to rp the queen as a not important character))

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*Amelia* (StormyMage) | 260 comments ((okay... My brain is really broken right now for ideas, so tell me if you get something...))

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MixItUp! ((Same, I just finished reading Frozen Charlotte so I'm like half rereading through it and half on goodreads. I love the idea of them getting in trouble, I guess I'll start out with the queen watching over the village))
((Imma call her Queen Amber))
Misty twirled around, a beautiful necklace with an emerald gem on it catching her attention. She gently picked it up, running her talons along the emerald jewel. "How much?" Misty asked, giving the trader two rubies for it and putting it on.

Queen Amber flew above the kingdom, sometimes the lower class village did naughty things so she always had to watch them carefully. "Hmm, what do we have here today" she glanced at the peasant Skywings, Misty and Hurricane catching her eye. Queen Amber smiled, "this will be delightful"

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