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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > romance suspense: heroine is a disgraced cop who moves to small town to start over. Hero is the sheriff who is hesitant to hire her because she is a hothead and doesnt really follow protocol. I think he has a daughter who is in a wheel chair...

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Rae | 276 comments Hey there! Thanks for clicking my post. So I read this book in 2013-2015.

It starts with the heroine driving up to the towns police station where she has an interview with the hero. She had just moved to the town because of what happened in the city she was coming from. I think she didn't follow protocol and something bad happened that brought bad press to her and where she worked. It was highly publicized so police men at the station where she was applying knew about it.
Her uncle called in a favour to the sheriff which is the hero but he was very reluctant to hire her. He eventually does. He also has a daughter who is wheelchair bound who used to love basketball.
There is a scene where the heroine presents the daughter with a birthday gift which is a basketball. The daughter is pretty upset because she couldn't play anymore but the heroine tells her that she can. The hero argues with the heroine about it.
That's all I remember.
Thanks in advance for your help and happy sleuthing!

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Rae | 276 comments The book is Cops And ... Lovers? by Linda Castillo

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