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message 1: by K.C. (new)

K.C. O'Neill (kconeillwrites) | 3 comments I'm looking for a few people to read over my latest completed project. It is a full length novel, a little on the long side at approx. 115K words. It is the second book in a series but can be read as a standalone. Blurb is below. If it sounds like something that would interest you, post your email below and I'll be in touch!

No one ever said starting over was easy…

Caroline Olsen was destined for greatness. One of the most promising youth hockey players in history, her future couldn’t have been brighter until one night, and one accident, shattered every dream she’d ever had. Two years later, the nineteen-year-old freshman is headed halfway across the country to Virginia as part of her plan to find a new life, one removed from the world she’s trying to leave behind. Unfortunately for her, the past doesn’t always like to stay in the past and social media can be a real bitch.

…but refusing to give up can be just as hard.

James McCarthy has a plan. With only nine months to go until graduation, he’s focused on passing classes, playing hockey, taking care of his brother, and getting through one last year of separation from his long-distance girlfriend before they can start their life together. The plan has been in place for years and he can’t risk messing it up now, but a chance meeting with Caroline sends his entire life into chaos. He doesn’t want to get to know her, doesn’t have time to be her friend, but something about her draws him in and he just can’t stay away.

Through a shared love of hockey and a passion for telling the unfiltered truth, the two form a friendship almost as fragile as the dreams Caroline once had and the plans Jimmy has made. And when those plans fall apart, so does the delicate balance of affection and attraction that simmers between them.

Two lost people, both searching for a tomorrow that’s better than today, will need to face their past and their future to find where they belong. And along the way they’ll learn that it’s not always about the destination.It’s about who’s with you for the journey.

message 2: by Dakota (new)

Dakota Rayne | 199 comments Mod
Sharon wrote: "Hi,

Please visit my web site, The Writer's Reader, and contact me at


Sharon, are you offering a FREE beta read? The author has posted looking for free betas. Your website indicates a cost to your beta read services, which is not allowed on this board. Please either clarify that you are willing to do a free read or remove your post.

Thank you

message 3: by Johnna (new)

Johnna Schlueter | 2 comments I would love to read this for you!

Mo (The Scarlet Siren) (thescarletsiren) | 7 comments Looks interesting! If you're still looking for readers, I'm interested! You can email me at

message 5: by K.C. (new)

K.C. O'Neill (kconeillwrites) | 3 comments Johnna, I messaged you!

Mo, awesome! I'll be in touch via email!

message 6: by Mainely (new)

Mainely Stories (mainelystories) Hello, I would love to read. My email is

message 7: by K.C. (new)

K.C. O'Neill (kconeillwrites) | 3 comments Marie wrote: "Hello, I would love to read. My email is"

Hey Marie! My apologies, I actually just saw this. Are you still interested? If so, I can email you a copy!

message 8: by Ramla Zareen (new)

Ramla Zareen Ahmad | 38 comments Hi, I offer a sample beta reading for the first 2000 words or the first chapter free of charge. This is regardless of whether you decide to go for a full paid service later on or not.

So if you are interested in getting feedback on the opening pages of your manuscript for free then you are welcome to contact me through the email address provided in my website.

Thanks! :-)

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