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message 1: by L.A. (new)

L.A. Kent | 88 comments Too much like hard work for me I'm afraid. I'm not a whodunniter, and i just read to enjoy, watching the story unfold as it happens - Louise on the other hand is a definite whodunniter and it gets my goat when she starts doing it our loud when we're watching the TV!!

message 2: by M.P. (new)

M.P. Peacock | 2 comments Maybe writing detective fiction makes you more aware of Cui Bono?

Since writing MOTSOF, I am constantly looking for 'Chekhov's Gun', now I'll add 'watch the author' to my list.

Did reading/re-reading all those classic crime bestsellers reduce or enhance your enjoyment?

message 3: by Charlene (new)

Charlene D'Avanzo | 20 comments As a mystery writer, I really try to "see what's behind the curtain" when I read a mystery. I pay attention to things like character development (does it really make sense that the amateur sleuth protagonist puts their life on the line to figure out who done it?) Are red herrings well done and viable candidates? Does the killer truly have a good reason (in their own mind) for what they did?

Of course, you don't need to be a writer to pay attention to such things. I think it makes the story all the more interesting.

message 4: by Bill (new)

Bill Kupersmith | 114 comments That the detective is the reader's "proxy" who does "the leg work" explains why it is foul play by the author if the detective observes something & does not share it with the reader. In a good story the "red herrings" ought to be more than destractions; they should advance the plot or deepen our knowledge of the characters too.

message 5: by Jean (new)

Jean | 215 comments What a fun review, Gary!

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