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Dobby (dobby0390) | 3610 comments #1 and 2: Not done.

The ISBNs did not match and I was unable to find a cover image for that edition, ISBN 9780613740524. I did find a couple of other editions that weren't on Goodreads yet, and I added a cover from Amazon for a listing that was in the catalog.

»  paperback ISBN 9780750227445 (added to Goodreads, cover from Amazon)
»  hardcover ISBN 9780750226905 (added to Goodreads, cover from
»  hardcover library binding ISBN 9780739827659 (added cover from Amazon)

I also combined all the editions.

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Raiann (foxpresident24) | 7 comments Thanks. I can see that particular book needed cleaning up and was glad you could help.

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