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message 1: by A.P. (new)

A.P. Sia (apsia) | 2 comments Hello,

I am looking for someone to review or swap review my newly published comic book.
Title: Guardians of the Universe : Episode 1 : The Invasion
Category:Superhero / Manga
Book Description: This book tells about a spaceship of alien race that came to this world to bring chaos and destruction to any world that has intelligent life forms. The local officials of this world try to fight back their oppressors and send their war machines to repel and destroy any hostile they would encounter, but only result to the slaughter of their force that encounters any hostile aliens. When all hope is gone. Three women have emerged from the portal in an undisclosed location of the planet. Each of them has encounter and kills any hostile they could find.
Guardians of the Universe Episode 1 The Invasion by A.P. Sia
Guardians of the Universe: Episode 1 : The Invasion

Please let me know if anyone is interested. I can send .mobi file to interested party.

Thank you

A P Sia

message 2: by Romeight (new)

Romeight | 31 comments Definitely seems interesting and I would love to review this! My email is

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