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message 1: by Kalie (new)

Kalie | 5 comments Welcome to Camp Half-Blood! Please state your OF and then Roleplay! I hope u have fun! (I'm not picky on how you Roleplay anything is fine by me.) Nothing weird or dirty or stuff like that. Other than that don't be op. Daughter of Apollo, out!

message 2: by Kalie (new)

Kalie | 5 comments Oc: name: Kalie Heart
Godly parent: Apollo
Appearance: Strawberry hair, gold eyes, short, usually smiling
Abilities: Mainly a musician, a bit of an archer. Can only manage a small average healing using nectar and ambrosia.

message 3: by Jax Kehleyr • The Pumpkin Queen, Daughter of Deimos (new)

Jax Kehleyr • The Pumpkin Queen | 15312 comments Mod
Um. you do realize that you have to find someone to roleplay with in the request a roleplay thread in this folder before you make a thread, right?

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