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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Western Historical Romance, she has had a crush on male character for many years he marries her out of necessity. [s]

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Alyssa | 10 comments I read a book about 8 years ago that I really liked I want to read it again and can't find it anywhere. Set in the old west, heroine has loved hero for many yeas (there is a pretty big age gap I think) he marrys her out of necessity I don't think it was money related but I cannot say for sure. He is of Hispanic heritage I believe from Spain but could be Latin America. She learned Spanish from a cook or maid thinking it was romantic but never told him she understood Spanish. His mother is the typical evil mother in law who hates her and makes her life miserable. She has a strong personality but is considered weak because she has severe asthma; she has several asthma attacks in the book including one life threatening one. There was some kind of climax along the lines of rustlers or a kidnapping. It's been a while so that is all I can remember. I have no idea who the author is or when it was published. Hope I gave you enough information. Thanks for the help.

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Alyssa | 10 comments THATS THE ONE!!!! Thank you so much!

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