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T.M. Rain (tmrainbooks) | 22 comments Hey everyone,

Two weeks ago a helpful writer from this group swapped novels with me and gave some great feedback. I've since made some tweaks to my manuscript and was hoping to find another beta reader to provide some feedback. It's an overall easy read with a light-hearted feel. Please let me know if you're interested!


Here is a brief synopsis:

The majority of the Earth’s population interacts within the virtual reality city of Atlantis and Wil Salia feels like the last human alive that prefers the real world. Strapped for cash, and at the encouragement of a friend, Wil agrees to participate in the controversial testing of a new and fully-immersive VR simulation. When people start mysteriously dying, Wil soon finds himself embroiled in a conflict which could impact not only his own safety, but the safety of everyone else in VR.

message 2: by T.M. (new)

T.M. Rain (tmrainbooks) | 22 comments Hello everyone,

Thought I might give this request a little bump. I recently swapped manuscripts with Marco of this group and he was kind and thorough and gave excellent feedback. If possible, I'd like one more beta reader to have a peak at my manuscript before I do another revision. It's an easy and (hopefully) fun read!

Thanks very much,

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