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Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Hmmmmmmm yessssss. *nods* What if a mod wins though?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Neatoness fun! :3

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) XD Muahahahahahaha?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Lol! Fun! I accidentally dismantled my window.

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) XD Sup?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Lol! How's it goin?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) That's good! :D

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Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) YESSSSS! I'm so excited!!!


Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Me too! XD Meeting other Mormons on Goodreads always makes my day!

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Yyyyyaaaaaayyyyyyy :D

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Nooooooo waayaaaayyyyyy

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Nooooooooooooo waaaaaayyyyyy

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) So can I! *tries to turn into a wolf but instead turns into a puppy*

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *dying laughing*

Nooooooo way I am!

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Arf arf! *runs in circles around lizard you*

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *wags tail and barks some more, but sits down*

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Wait... that's... possible?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) The image thingy code

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Yeah! :D Haaaave you ever heard of Keeper of the Lost Cities?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *dies from eternal laughter* Fantasy is like literally the opposite of Satanic. Like the plot of almost every fantasy book is good guys beat bad guys while being hilarious and dramatic.

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Yes! Have you pointed that out to her?

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 120 comments Mod
☯Sσρнια - Lυηαя Aℓρнα Ɯσℓƒ - ☾ Mαувє тнє ωσℓƒ ιѕ ιη ℓσνє ωιтн тнє мσση αη∂ єαcн мσηтн, ιт cяιєѕ ƒσя α ℓσνє ιт ωιℓℓ ηєνєя тσυcн ☾ wrote: "yeah. I started reading the first one just because my other book wasn't in the library and then I got my other book and kinda fell away... I want to read it but I bet my mom will take it away because..."
PLEASE, Sophia, your mom is nowhere NEAR mine.
I'm only allowed to read Christian books. But I'm a bit of a rebel so I've just created this account against my mother's wishes..... I'm also only allowed to watch Christian movies...... Only allowed to listen to Christian music and if it has rap it's a NONO. REALLY slow music is ALLL...
I don't even have a tv anymore. A laptop and paper white kindle are all.
Plus well, I'm only allowed, Christian friends.

But as I said before, I'm a bit of a rebel

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) This conversation makes me very grateful for the loosey goosey mom that I have. *nod nod*

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 120 comments Mod

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) I am. *nod nod*

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 120 comments Mod
Good. *nod nod*

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *nod nod*

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ash ✈ (starlessnights) | 120 comments Mod
☯Sσρнια - Lυηαя Aℓρнα Ɯσℓƒ - ☾ Mαувє тнє ωσℓƒ ιѕ ιη ℓσνє ωιтн тнє мσση αη∂ єαcн мσηтн, ιт cяιєѕ ƒσя α ℓσνє ιт ωιℓℓ ηєνєя тσυcн ☾ wrote: "Nope... well I've told her that but then my dad reads them and is all like, they're satanic. Like harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I watched the first movie and then my dad came in and was all like, t..."
Same! Everything is satanic in moms world everything except god

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *epicest face palm of all face palms* howisthatapossibilityevenhowijustcanthow

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Cinder Harper (pineappleofpizzaland) what?

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Ooohhhhh nothing. We're just being weird.

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Cinder Harper (pineappleofpizzaland) oky

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) Noooooooooo aaaahhhhk Okay um *nods sadly*

Emily ~Autumn, Winter~ (isabeefexer) *pouts*

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