A Prayer for Owen Meany A Prayer for Owen Meany question

Is this appropriate for YA audiences?
Kayta Kayta Oct 04, 2016 11:30AM
I found this book in my high school library. One of the librarians swears that it's not appropriate for our students. I've only seen Simon Birch(I had no idea it was LOOSELY based off of a book until today). Anyway, what in this book would be inappropriate for high school students?

Oh read this book there are parts in it where I was laughing so hard (the Christmas scene) that tears were rolling down my eyes. Interesting characters. If it was in the library, then the librarian should not have said anything. Enjoy.

In today's culture, it is easy to offend anybody. And John Irving is considered a risqué writer with his material. I consider A Prayer For Owen Meany to be probably though the more innocent with some of his writing. It certainly doesn't tackle his themes of sex, death, and the warped sense of the American culture like the other books I like him most for (Garp, Cider House, Widow for One Year, Twisted River, Hotel New Hampshire). And yes, Irving forced them to do the title change because we was aghast as to how much different the novel was to the film. I would tend to agree, but still ask Irving how he can make such a fuss when he himself won an Academy Award for adapting The Cider House Rules and it was a butchery of his literary piece of work. A bit of hypocrisy there. . .

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