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message 1: by Cristian (new)

Cristian | 4 comments Hi, I'm currently reading this book and while looking for the edition I'm reading, which is not there, I realized the "other editions" listing is a bit messed up.

This book is an Omnibus collecting all the author's short stories. The first edition of the book, published in 1979, included her short stories collections "Vint-i-dos contes" (1958), "La meva Cristina i altres contes" (1967), and "Semblava de seda i altres contes" (1978), while newer editions of the Omnibus include her last short story collection "Viatges i flors" (1980).

Goodreads has however merged all of her short story collections when you click on the "All editions" button, shouldn't they be treated as different books? It can be confusing I guess. Sorry if it's standard practice but it's the first time I've noticed this.


message 2: by lethe (last edited Oct 04, 2016 09:08AM) (new)

lethe | 13574 comments Delage wrote: "Sorry if it's standard practice but it's the first time I've noticed this."

It's definitely not standard practice. Someone had carelessly combined different short stories and short story editions together.

I've separated them out.

The English edition contains 30 stories from the three titles you mention: Should it be combined with the earlier edition(s) of Tots els contes?

message 3: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13574 comments I had separated both editions of Tots els contes based on page count (348 vs 518) but because the 1993 edition also mentions the last collection, maybe they should be combined?

message 4: by Cristian (last edited Oct 04, 2016 09:34AM) (new)

Cristian | 4 comments Thanks, it looks fine now. And I think both Tots els contes editions have the same content, the cause of the disparate pagination may be a book format or font size issue, but they're the same.

The English book, like its title says, is a selection of stories from her first three short story collections, it doesn't collect all the stories there as Tots els contes does, so it should be treated as a different book then.

Thanks again

message 5: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13574 comments Thanks, have recombined both editions of Tots els contes.

message 6: by Cristian (new)

Cristian | 4 comments Thanks a lot again. I was wondering, I've checked the ISBN and found that my edition of the book is the one listed on goodreads here, with the author's picture:

Only the cover isn't that one, this was from an earlier edition published in 2010, the edition listed there (and the one I have) was a special Christmas 2011 hardcover issue (the one with that picture cover is a paperback), and the actual cover for the hardcover is this:

Can it be changed? I've tried to but it won't let me.

Thanks again :)

message 7: by lethe (new)

lethe | 13574 comments Covers on Goodreads may not be replaced unless they are very obviously wrong, and in this case it isn't obvious.

An alternative cover edition is added instead:
Since Casa del Libro is a bookseller, we cannot use that cover, but I found the same one on AbeBooks. Most entries there state it's a softcover/paperback though, not a hardcover:
I've added it as a hardcover according to your specifications.

I added the 2010 edition with the other cover (from AbeBooks) and the correct ISBN here:

Please check if it's correct like this.

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