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Rebecca | 24 comments My vampire romance ENSNARED is FREE for the first time ever! But get it now because it's only thru Oct. 7.
✰ A Night Owl Reviews Five-Star Top Pick ✰

A dark, sexy vampire wants me—bad.

"A dark, sensual, erotic ride!"
“A new twist on this enthralling series”
“INCREDIBLY fast-paced well-written eye-popping read…”

Ensnared Star Blood Courtesans (Blood Courtesans, #5) by Rebecca Rivard

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Rebecca | 24 comments J.C. wrote: "Thank you now I own 3 books in the series.. Wanted: Corynne & Reborn: Myra: Blood Courtesans and now this one.. I'm going to grab the 2 in between these then I am go..."

Yay! You can read them in any order, though--they're standalones written in the same world.

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Rebecca | 24 comments Angela wrote: "Thankyou, Rebecca, for the freebie. I have 3 as well. Do you know how many 'blood courtesans' there are altogether?

Cool--glad you're liking them! Here's the blurb from Ensnared's page with all the books so far. We have some new authors adding to the series soon, and some authors are writing/will write sequels to their books. I'm thinking about it myself--I kind of fell in love with my sexy French vampire Remy...

Welcome to the shadow world of Blood Courtesans.
Where vampires are real, rich, powerful--and hungry.
Blood is bought and sold like fine wine, and the best blood goes to the highest bidder.
It's not supposed to be about love...until it is.

Meet the Blood Courtesans: Standalone vampire romances set in Michelle Fox's Blood Courtesans world by NY Times and USA Today Bestselling and Award-Winning Authors. All books have an HEA and can be read in any order.

Out Now!
Reborn (Myra)--Michelle Fox
Wanted (Corynne)--Kristen Strassel
Bitten (Nova) & Taken (Nova, part 2)--Kim Faulks
Marked (Winter)--Gwen Knight
Ensnared (Star)--Rebecca Rivard
Needed (Angel)--Ever Coming

And coming this autumn:
Stolen (Dakota)--Marissa Farrar (pre-order now for 99 cents)
Pursued (Mia)--Lisa Carlisle
Caught--Julia Mills
Hooked (Poppy)--Selena Kitt

Coming soon! More books set in the Blood Courtesans world from authors Monica La Porta, Jami Brumfield, TL Reeve, Elianne Adams and Tabitha Connall

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Rebecca | 24 comments Angela wrote: "Oh, wow! On checking again, I have 5 of these. I have yet to get Taken (Nova) pt 2 and Needed (Angel).
I also look forward to obtaining these new ones. Bring it on!!"

We will! I'm loving them myself. :)

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