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message 1: by Segilola (new)

Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 405 comments Hi all,

As the year is slowly coming to an end and the holiday season starts and presents are being bought for kids, I want to end the year on a subject that is both important and sad. Child abuse!

The world today is a crazy one, parents spend a considerable amount of time working just to afford the essentials, leaving their kids with sometimes people that are assumed trust worthy. There's this Yoruba saying translated that says the insect that eats a leaf is on the leaf.

I am thinking of making it a 7 part episode. The first one is understanding the various ways child abuse rears its ugly head. Then how to get justice, especially for those who are adults now and their abuse happened decades ago. Then the 5 stages of grief.

If you know any experts in the field who would like to be a guest, if you would like to be a guest, if you know anyone or family that has been affected by this then please drop me a line via the contact page of my website Please put goodreads and child abuse podcast episode in the subject line.

Thanks for your support

message 2: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 13764 comments Important subject, that unfortunately makes it's way just too frequently onto TV screens with different incidents...
And a non-negligible per cent of parents that install hidden cameras report back with questionable-clearly abusive episodes..

message 3: by Segilola (new)

Segilola Salami (segilolasalami) | 405 comments Just too sad innit? Let's not even go into the subject of the parents who are the demons themselves

Tara Woods Turner | 2063 comments The problem parents fear most!

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