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Conscious Parenting Movement Interview with Nuit

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Sneza ‘Conscious Parenting’ or Spiritual Parenting is a natural result of our decision to start working on our Parenting Self-Development.’
‘Stepping into the foot-steps of our ancestors, gurus, alchemists, sages, dreaming a better world, we walk our path enriching our mental, emotional and spiritual experiences. Within the parenting world this movement takes the form of: Conscious Parenting. As a Conscious Parent we acknowledge that every child is an individual with a different growth rate and a potential that is varied and vast. Respecting the needs of these beautiful souls, listening to their unique voices, hearing their wants will assure them that no matter how tiny they are somebody will kneel down to Listen. Respecting the potential that is hidden within each child, we respect their potential to become Kings of their Trade, or Saviors of the World to come.’

Natasa Pantovic Nuit
Conscious Parenting: Mindful Living Course for Parents

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Nataša Pantović Do you, like me, constantly wonder how to Practice Conscious Parenting: - Totally agree with all who say that it is Difficult, yet we ought to try it, we owe IT to own creative selves...
‘Because the parenting IS the most difficult job in the world! Our children need our Love, but also our support within this amazing matrix of choices. They need us to guide them towards Healthy Foods, Healthy Habits, Inspiring Activities, Life Enriching Friends, etc.’...

Nataša Pantović Quote Parenting as the Most Difficult Job Conscious Parenting Course Google Preview by Nataša Pantović Quote Parenting as the Most Difficult Job.

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